Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Frustrated Decorator... That's me!

Come on in.. take a seat...I will make you a cup of tea or maybe some fresh pressed coffee? I really would if you were here. This is what I love about blogging.. sharing my thoughts, pictures & venting whatever I want to share with you all. This post is about being a Frustrated Decorator.. I started a new group on FB that I think will be fun & will be starting a new blog as well. My mission is too creatively connect those who share the same passion but need help, have questions & love to look at pictures & post ideas...we will have interesting & talented designers who Will participate in this Group. Have a decorating dilemma you will be able to come over to The Frustrated Decorator FB page post a before picture & turn your decorating frustrations into decorating sensations. And much more. I find there is so much craftiness out there maybe a little too much for me at this time... I do love it all but my first & favorite passion is decorating. Don't you just love more then anything looking at home decorating magazine pictures, beautiful blogs & just shopping for great pieces. When ever I see a beautiful room on a blog or in a magazine I just feel so indescribable.. do you know what I mean? That feeling of excitement that makes you want to get up stand back in your romm & say mmmm I can make this room look better or mmmm again now where are those cardboard pieces so I can start moving stuff around. (No man here just cardboard) I really do get very inspired by it all. I think most of us have the same passion. I know you do. I love all the fresh new designs being shown... the Swedish rooms , farm houses, modernness, French Elegance... I love it all.. I don't know how to describe my style my dear friend Dore who I adore calls it Gypsy Brocante villa chic... yea that's me with a touch of the monastery look? Is there such a thing? The Frustrated Decorator will be a fun group to share & creatively connect with others . It's great on FB you can post a picture of a room ,comment & you never know who will stop by & give you great tips. So relax & take a peek at some of the things I have done to my home...I have a long way to go.. but that's all the fun... it never ends for us Frustrated Decorators.

A great find for the week. I picked this up at a local thrift shop for $20.00 it's painted distressed & has a washed burlap coffee sack bag as a seat.
a peek into our music/reading room my design dilemma with such high ceilings is what to do over my book case so I layered old picture frames on the side of a big old picture I have had for years. This is where The Frustrated Decorator Group will come in handy.
morning sunlight.. this beautiful mantel needs help above.. this is where The Frustrated Decorator Group will come in handy again. Any thoughts? Lovey urns & bigger mirror...
Just a random shot of my dining area not together this was the day before Thanksgiving this is behind the cozy sitting area you will see below. The gold curtains were here so I am working with them. I think I might have a chair addiction... do you.. way too many, different kinds I would get rids of some of them maybe just keep & paint my old Windsors... Paint Them?
just a small gathering of some bottles & placed on my vintage wooden cake stand. Yes that is a pumpkin top I placed on top of the old milk bottle. My sweet & beautiful friend Tracie makes beautiful things just like her. Her shell top bottle filled with stones & sand from France is nestled with some of my bottles that I collect. They are all over my home.
this is the after the bottom picture was the before sorry my dyslexia is kicking in. added a larger rug, the table is the bottom of an old stove. Placed a tray on top ( for now) & cover it with an old piece of linen...moved the chairs together added some pillows & oh the wine.. I think a glass is good for your creative juices.
I posted the above Before picture on FB last night needing a decorating fix. So after I pulled in some of my porch furniture wanting to create a cozy sitting area in my kitchen asking for some advise on fb one cool lady Deb Kennedy (do you know her you should she is amazing) commented & gave me some great tips, I started moving furniture around retaking pictures & posting the afters.
My mom is the creative genius behind designing the bones to this beautiful house. I will be featuring her fabulous home as my first post on the new blog The Frustrated Decorator. The Mexican octagon shaped pavers are my favorite... except when I am standing on them for hours cooing or cleaning.
As you enter the main room to your left I placed my old bench that was given to me as a gift from a customer as a thank's got that perfect patina shade of greys.
My decorating dilemma was what to put above the bench. I wanted something different maybe architectural... a giant clock....didn't have any of that here so working with what I have & looking around my stash this is what I came up with.

The frustrated decorator at work late at night....... my favorite old French Shutters that's it! I also added my carved putti above I placed one of my birds nests on top. Do they look crooked? Should l I add some of my signature clay big rosaries on the shutters maybe too much this is where i get frustrated. I think I like it. What do you think? Well it's me.. That Gypsy Village chick oh I mean The Frustrated Decorator!

so for now please take a seat... relax come visit again soon to see how I am trying to get it all together.... xoxoxo The Frustrated Decorator.


Tina Wilson said...

love that bench with the shutters. very nice. its all looking very pretty.

Healing Woman said...

I love your decorating style. Definitely gypsy, definitely vintage and very you~

Andy-Brown Bee Studio said...

Crown molding...yes, I think you need crown molding to sort of keep those gorgeous high ceilings from floating right on up into the heavens. :) HUGE FRAME over the mantle...if you don't have a huge mirror, use the one you have, then "layer" two or three fabulously glorious fancy frames around it, increasing the size until the presence is achieved. Definitely a couple of large urns...if you need to make them, grab a couple of those cheesy plastic ones...gesso, spackling, some faux patina, and they'll be perfect! HTH! xoxo

LizlovesVintage said...

Hi Laura,
You can come to Ny and decorate my home anyday. Looks Beautiful! Bravo!
Hugs, Liz

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Laura,
I love your style! You are so sweet for mentioning my little bottle. I am sending along a companion for it but it won't be dry until Thursday or Friday because it is so cold here (29 at night!).
You've got so many nice pieces you've shown us here. Have a happy week and merci, you are so thoughtful.

Burlap Luxe said...

You rock our Gypsy souls.
Love your spirit, and relaxed Boho chic-ness.

You are so on your way to a magazine look!


Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful blog. I love all the shabbu chic stuff.
I am so glad you met Tina and have befriended her. She is a treasure.

Kerin said...

Oh my your place is gorgeous!!! I'm so in love wiht the chair with coffee sack cushion. That is definitely making my heart beat faster.

Where is the FB page and I will join. Or did I read right over where to find that?!??

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi Laura!

Just named you among my "stylish blogger" award winners. :)


Country Livin' said...

Just found your it! and that chair is fabulous with coffee sack for the seat, what a deal!
Trish xo

Rebecca said...

You are such a talent my friend! I love all that you do.
How is your holiday season going? I hope they are buying the store out!
Love to you and many Blessings