Friday, August 31, 2012

Mesmerized with galvanized

Starting to get the fall spirit around here...we have some fun things planned...stay tuned!
sorry if I am unable to post your comment I am having troble with my comment moderation I will soon! Thanks for stopping by. xo Laura

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Images of different kinds are all around each of us in many ways today more then ever
It's endless and over whelming.
What meaning do some of these images really have.. and why are we so drawn to them?
Women seem to be drawn to a special kind of beauty, a beauty that comforts and graces their soul.
Maybe we have a deep connection to these images or maybe they take us to a place to dream.
Whatever the image you love remember your connection goes deeper then you know.
We are all blessed to see the beauty around us...each one of us has the gift to see something that touches our heart.
perhaps something sacred
that reaches deep in our souls...

 images of pieces that have an  interesting story to tell... think of where they have  rested, who has opened that door or written a love letter on that old table.
images of vibrant vines to remind us of what is real.

a comforting image to know a sweet creature has safe place to nest
a beautiful image on a building to remind us to look up and trust.

or  an image that takes us to a place to we do not know perhaps a journey we all need to go!
here is to all the beautiful beautiful images we see & share  & be sure if you do share others images on the internet, you give the proper credit to the original source. Thanks! xo Laura

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Go to your corner!

I love Sunday mornings. I don't know what it is about them but I always feel such a calm and quiet within when I awake...maybe it's the sound of silence in the air on the farm.. sleeping in, no school runs, no work.  It's one of my favorite days. But for some reason I do more cleaning on Sundays then any other day go figure. How about you? Do you have a quiet place?

 I created my quiet corner using old fabrics, soft cozy pillows..I put my antique Italian prayer bench from Italy at the foot of the daybed.  This is my space where I come to read, close my eyes and pray, have a cup of tea and  cozy up with my favorite furry friends..Ellie and Jerry. So take a seat and  relax today it's Sunday morning I say!
I love my dreamy sheep skin throw.I got it last year from Santa....I sort of hoard them around's Florida every girl needs a furry throw!
vintage linen table cloth with fringe I used a a bed skirt.
all pillows  are handmade.
My very special pillow..I was born on Staten Island and  my family is from there it is a small Island off of Manhattan so you can say I am really an Island girl!
when I get sleepy my corner starts to look like this...blurry.
I saved the best for last my Jerry..well Dante calls him Skunk. this is his quiet corner he was a little under the weather in this picture but is fine now..Ellie is hiding somewhere in her corner.
I hope you have a special place to get some inner calm and peace..lord knows we all need a quiet little corner.
Thanks for visiting. xo Laura

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Easy and delicious quick fix!

Feeling hungry? love pasta? Not much in the pantry...that's o.k. If you have a small garden or a few leftover veggies you can make a great pasta dish. I love to get creative with nothing especially when it comes to cooking.  Here is a very easy and delicious dish.Keep in mind this post is to share a dish made with practically nothing that you will love!

what I had
one big juicy tomatoes from my garden or any veggies...chopped
fresh basil from my garden...chopped
olive oil
grated cheese
one pound of any pasta ( I used a gluten free spaghetti)
99% of the time I cook with garlic left it out this time..great to add chopped to but be sure to saute in a little olive oil

boil your pasta add a little olive oil and a pinch of salt to water. I  cook until al dente

chop your tomatoes

chop your fresh basil...holes included...hey the bugs have to eat too!
drain your pasta ( reserve a little water a few large scoops ) put in big bowl to mix or your pot.
drizzle in a bit of olive oil
some sea salt
toss together add a little grated cheese and there you go...a quick, easy and delicious Italian dish served in my French bowl of course!!!

enjoy! xo Laura

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I love my new Iphone

Hi just a short &sweet post to share & let you know I just got the new  IPhone  & I love it!! I am sure many of you already have one or are thinking of getting must! I am amazed at the pictures I took today who needs flora bella & an expensive camera I say! Perfect if you love to take pictures on the go wherever you are. Can you tell which TWO pictures are IPhone pictures???  O.k. here they are  still learning how to use this thing...enjoy!!! xo Laura

                                     some of my perfume bottles I use to collect

                                roadside picture I took of an old style cracker home

                                 evening skies here on the farm
o.k. I have the picture taking bug...more to come..lots...