Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Change is in the air...

Verbena Girl here....do you feel it something is in the air.. it's starting to feel a bit like Autumn around here my favorite time of year. There is always something magical about this time of year.. and many changes usually happen to me at this time... and they are..... we are moving our nest (home) to the family farm and you know what that means... very busy packing my little element like a gypsy so each morning after I make the school runs I am getting my workout loading & moving stuff to the farm. I am trying to make this a time in my life to purge all my stuff & try to simplify. I have been trying to do this my entire life it seems. If you live in the area I will be planning a Hugh moving sale sometime in October. I will take lots of pictures & fill you in with my progress. I will be sad to leave my special tree house behind but I know it is time for a big change. I am blessed to have this beautiful empty house on the farm waiting for us.
I will also be updating our online boutique with some new changes please check back soon. xoox Verbena Girl

This is the beautiful view from my front porch...we have some great plans coming!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Displaying Sweet & Special Treasures

I wanted to share an idea I love & have in my home... well lately my home is upside down as I am getting ready to move to my family's empty farmhouse... That's another post... anyway as I was removing some of my pictures off the walls I though oh this might be an idea I can share. I love to cook & have many old recipes This is a sweet idea you can do with an old family recipe or make one look old. I love the idea of framing recipes, letters, old books cards etc...
Paper coking stains show a time when this yummy recipe maybe stuck to grandmas hand many times or maybe reminds me of the days I baked with my grandmother & licked the spoon from her cookie batch. Still do! If you have an old family recipe this is a nice way to display & share it on your kitchen wall. It makes a beautiful & thoughtful gift to a friend or family member.
adding pretty lace, old scrumpled old flowers & leaves are a favorite touch we love... or maybe you have another idea.
An old petite book of The Story Of Macbeth my mom had framed many years ago she gave it to me as a gift. This is something I have had for a long time & treasure.

Some ideas can be a child's favorite book growing up, an old poetry book or your tattered school book I love the idea of framing them. How about you. The End xoxoxo Laura

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Painting the nest.

Well I finally cleaned up, scraped & got heat stroke removing the Pink Glitter Eiffel Tower & birdies I painted on my windows a while back. You know how it is.... you wake up one day & decide it's time for a change! Maybe it's the old age creeping in but I am into less clutter & a cleaner space around me. Using my new Verbena nested treasure logo I had it enlarged taped it on the inside of my window & with my craft paint went to work. I am in the process of making new pique assitte flower pots with a cool stain & will retake pictures when the front is complete. So for now to keep you posted here it is... it's not perfect but the price is right & my arms got a little work out.
Gone but not forgotten....Yes this is a Pink Eiffel Tower you are seeing...My ideas are endless & one day I though why not paint a pink Glitter Eiffel Tower on my left window.. a little wonky but it stopped a lot of traffic... and let me tell you there is NO traffic in Ocala.
second window I painted a birdie with pearl swags & birdie peace sign also added my version of whimsy sacred hearts... what got into me that day! Life of a hopless Retailer.
So this little birdies of happiness remain on the main doors of The Marion Block Building to greet you....see you soon we have many changes ahead & exciting news to come!!! xooxox Verbena Girl

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Creative Wheels...

Lately my creative wheels are in high gear...you know how it is we wish our hands can go as fast as our minds.. but right now it's all... housework, kids, the shoppe & business... oh if we could only just play & create all day.. oh well..as soon as I get through this next week I will be posting & listing some exciting new designs & treasures I have been working on. xoxoo Laura
P.S. This pic is part of my lid collection. Has this girl flipped hers? Not yet!!!