Thursday, November 24, 2011

Verbena nested treasures

Hi out there...just a little shout out to let you know, we are renovating this coming week & my  mom Edie will be taking over the second room with all her amazing creations...there isn't a day that goes by that I hear how much you miss Edie's  food & special  treats.. she really is the pioneer of  pleasing the palette!!!!
See you all soon...xo Verbena Girl.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's that time of the year...LIGHT UP OCALA!!!! This Saturday 2:30-8:30

The most magical experience for all, so come visit us... Verbena we are located in Downtown Ocala  the historic  Marion Block building...the original Opera House.

We are having a renovation sale... out with the old in with the old..
Dante will be out front selling his vintage car collection.

We have missed you all see you Saturday xo Verbena Girl

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Laura's Chicken Soup for your soul

Hello out there in any one there? I have been so out of touch from blogging but think it's time to share something special & delicious with you. The one thing I love to do is cook. Family members  close friends know  have been cooking forever. I can spend all day in the kitchen especially this time of year.
If you want to make a delicious & healthy pot of Chicken soup try this. It's a little work but you will love the way it comes out.
Nothing like a steamy pot of home made soup when the air is crisp...chicken soup cooking in the house makes the house smells so good. I hope this is easy to understand & you give it a try...miss you all I will be back with update next week on the studio/playhouse & my store redo.
I have been out of touch but this crab is slowly coming out of her shell.
the bottom of this post has the recipe so you can print it out.

nothing like the real thing!
my antique ginger jar where I store my garlic
garlic to ward off evil spirits
be sure to skim off that fat & scum

this comes in handy when I skim off the bad stuff
root vegetables are in season them
celery leave the leaves
be sure to add the leaves from the celery

chopped veggies for your soup
fresh dill
smells so good!

Laura's Chicken Soup for your soul recipe

one nice size whole organic chicken
carrots-4 chopped
one large vidalia onion ( I like the sweetness of these)
parsnips-2 chopped
turnips-2 chopped
celery-4stalks chopped with leaves love the leaves

garlic- 5cloves smashed & chopped
fresh dill
sea salt pepper to taste
water ( I buy a gallon of spring water) or water of your choice.

clean chicken in fresh cold water using kosher or sea salt
place in large soup pot
remove skin from large onion put in pot
fill with water to cover the chicken
partially cover on medium heat
 for about an hour
IMPORTANT be sure to skim off the scum as chicken cooks

as chicken is cooking, I usually cut up all the veggies, place in a separate bowl...set aside
when chicken is done turn off heat, remove onion put in bowl to cool off
put cover back on pot & let the chicken sit for about a half an hour or more.

remove chicken  a little hard  to do as it will be cooked be careful not to get any bones in the pot I usually use to big serving spoons put chicken in a bowl & let cool off.

in the meantime check again to be sure all scum & grease is skimmed off the soup.

turn heat on stove back to med
slice up that onion that has been cooling put in soup pot
put all chopped veggies in soup pot
remove skin from chicken & pull off & break up nice bite size pieces of meat as much as you like but not too much  put in soup pot

REMEMBER you will have a lot of chicken left I usually make chicken salad or wrap up what I do not use for another meal. I usually freeze a few containers.

o.k. hope you are still with me

partially cover & simmer for about half hour be sure to stir, check & skim off any addition fat.

 DILL I put in last I love dill chop a big hand full & throw in some more if you like.
turn off heat keep cover on for another half hour.
then what I do I take about three or four big scoops from my laded right from the pot & puree it in my blender not not too much & put it back in the pot...stir it up.
salt & pepper to taste.

It really is delicious... a few things you can add
little Italian pastas, orzo or noodles
sometimes I chop up kale & add it to give us some extra iron.

always love to sprinkle Italian  cheese

Enjoy!!! Let me know if you get a chance to make it & how it turned out.
contact me if you have any questions.

xoxo Laura