Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thank God my creative juices are flowing these days. I am excited to tell you I will be doing my first festival here in Ocala... The Civic Theater's Organic & Film Festival!!! May 15 Saturday.
This is a Hugh event filled with many local & out of town farmers, artists & anyone who is earth friendly...Besides taking care of my sweet son Dante who has been ill for the past two weeks, I have been creating some really beautiful wares to sell at the festival & working with my mom Edie Gourmet on our own line of Confitures... so if you live in the Ocala area please stop by & have a Taste Of The Good Life! xoxoxo Organic Chick

all our treasures are for sale & will be on our new web boutique soon if you can not wait email me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summertime Romance

I guess we ruffled your feathers.... due to many requests...We
had to make more for you ...handmade all one of a kind beautiful ruffled bags.. my personal summertime favorite item.. light romantic and made from beautiful recycled yummy cottons & embellished with our original trims... I will be bringing a new basket full of designs & sizes downtown tomorrow. Contact me for details if you do not live in the Ocala area. xoxo verbena girl

Monday, April 19, 2010

Heavenly Lavender..

Oh the sweet scent of Heavenly lavender.. always filling the air around here...Nature has blessed us with this magnificent Flower that has many wonderful uses.. to mention a few it deters moths, it is used in herbalism, a favorite ingredient in aromatherapy & endless culinary uses. Handmade for the shoppe these beautiful & generously stuffed lavender bird sacks make a special gift together with a piece of jewelry tied on with a vintage ribbon or tucked in between one of our finery & frocks... so stop by and smell the lavender.... any don't forget to breathe today!!!! xoxoo Laura
P.S. as soon as my webdesiger who is MIA returns my website will be up & running.

Friday, April 16, 2010


If anyone lives or visits The Big Island my father Robert Venosa & his wife Martina Hoffman will be there this coming June.. check it out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ruffling Your Feathers.

Usually I do not keep up with the trends I just do what I love & try to translate designs & product back to my store always with my customer in mind... Inspiration comes from many places as we know this one started a few years back while searching on line, a stumbled across I fell in love with this laundry bad called the Laundry Devil I think it was the original ruffle bag & I thought how pretty I need to do some ruffles for the shoppe... never did...then my daughter came home a few weeks ago with a ruffled top from Hollister.. ruffles started appearing everywhere... facebook, blogland even in my dreams... then to my surprise my magic sewing fairy appeared and made me the most amazing ruffled tops & bags for the store.... These are our own special versions..many available shapes, sizes with unusual embellishments.. colors Natural my favorite, palest Pink, tea stain & seafoam for your beachy days..avail for purchase on new website next week or contact me for a quick fix.
To be a little different & give these bags & tops our Verbena touch, We have added crocheted details, ribbons, buttons & vintage lace & natural elements to each one. Each one is one of a kind. They are all very soft. The linings are made from super soft & yummy printed vintage & recycled fabrics.. this one I pictured has a bucket style arm strap.... Love this style.. Retails are $55.00 for now. We do have smaller versions on the cutting table. They will be avail on line next week if they last in the store or contact me for a quick fix. Hope you love as much as I do! xo Laura

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Knock Knock #2.

O.K. my feathered friends.. remember out favorite nest the one I discovered In Amelia Island (how can you forget) scroll down if you are visiting for the first time a must see...well we had another family trip this weekend & I went back to that Sweet Salvaged house.. but no one was in the nest.... however I did find out the lady who's name I think is Carol has a store in Ga.. so what does a loyal Junker/blogger do... get in the car & leave skid marks & find that place! Fast...that's just what we did while the X husband took the kids to the mom, step dad & I took a ride into Ga.. Yes you got it, I talked them into driving up to Ga.. and let me tell you it was worth the drive...I wish I had more time to write but I will just get to the point.. After searching up & down the road we finally found it! The place was closed & it looked as if no one has been there for quite some time I think it's because Carol is moving her shop to her Home.. remember the back of her house I guess all this is going there.... so from My Nest to Yours... ENJOY this Feathered Nest I am in love with & think you will too!!!

My beautiful & very special mom Edie.. we had a great time together... birds of a feather!
Side of our favorite little nest.
This over grown nest is just too sweet for words.
I am not sure of the history of this house looks like it was an old school house at one time.
A beautiful stroll down this path is just what we need.
keep walking my feathered friends...

Oh My!!! Outside peering camera takes pretty good pictures pressed up against the glass.
Jardin Heaven.. a little shabby from no tlc but still amazing in person.
Back veranda... porch...patio

back view

God bless this nest!
some more good old stuff.
My mom wanted that gate... so did I.. like mother like daughter.
Love this old fountain. love it all.
Good Bye for now my favorite new place... there really isn't any thing better besides you.. except Maybe Fifi's guest house! All the way home my mom & I could not stop talking about what an amazing place she created & how we wished she was opened.. My step day thinks we are nuts & all this is junk... Ha ha ha he has no idea how obsessed we are with all of this... till next time I promise I will go back & get inside her home & new nest...It really is amazing in person so much to see..hope you enjoyed one of many Knock Knocks to come. xoxo Verbena Girl

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Knock Knock.. anyone home?

mmmm I wonder what this amazing place is? Coming as soon as I can upload my pictures..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweet Easter Blessings to you.

A short & sweet post from lovely Maddie the bunny ( made by the talanted Charlotte Lyons) who is sitting in my urn on my kitchen counter top. Oh no Charlotte s not sitting in my urn . Maddie is & would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter! It's way too late for me I am still up & just finished wrapping my homemade treats from the Easter bunny..yes he still comes to this house. I also would like to share a a special Easter blessing someone special sent to me & pass it on to all of you.
Happy Easter, dear one and may the resurrection energy spark your life force and fill your spirit with light. Wising you all the same.
As I close this short post I think it is time for me to get up & have a glass of cold milk & some of the cookies that just came out of the oven..

An Easter tradition I try to share with my children is coloring the hard boiled eggs & making the Italian Easter cookies also known as the Cuddura. Or shall I say my Wonky Cuddura cookies. But with all the sweets & treats and pretty colors in bloom we must remember that the real treat is the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Easter!

Sweet Blessings to all of you! xo Laura