Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fifi's book signing at Posh on Palm...for those who dream...

Please read this carefully.
If there is a heaven on earth & there are angels &   fairies well then... Fifi is the French fairy/angel & Posh on Palm is her magical heavenly  garden.
I am very excited to share with you my special day at Fifi's book signing in Sarasota. I spent a beautiful day with my daughter & mom.
Susie the shop owner was kind enough to let me take pictures of her amazing shop & let me blog & share with you all.. so please do not copy the pictures.. enjoy... send some friends over & let me know what you think.
Fifi's book is a best seller you must treat your self to having one.. and you must treat yourself to a visit to Posh On Palm here in Florida.
Thank you Fifi for all your love & inspiration..Thank you for changing my life.. continue to sprinkle all your magical French fairy dust on us all.
Enjoy my pictures..... I did the best with my little Sony camera & my spelling is not the best at times but you will be able to dream on..Enjoy! xo Laura
we're here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fifi signing my book.
the fabulous & talented Michele.. this lady is great! She  works at the store & is the best. She knew who we were as soon as we walked in & took the best care of everyone.
Special Susie..the woman who owns this amazing store & has the heavenly gift to create all the magic in the store with her husband Mark ( sorry did not get a picture of him) be sure to pay her a visit.
Beautiful Fifi listening...
take a seat, have a cup of tea or coffee & enjoy what I have posted for your eyes..
time to sweet life is here...
behind several beautiful antique doors with tattered lace awaits a room that is like a dream. 
my daughter Olivia. my mom Edie & the fabulous  Michele
the lovely Tausha who I adore..has a very special blog called Simply me.. if any one gets Rachael Ashwels philosophy &  way of decorating listen up... this girl does like no one I have seen.  Oh yes that bag..we know we want one too!
one of my favorite things..
Susie's displays &  merchandise is like no one.. her exquisite taste & ideas should be in a movie or book I say!
never want to leave this dreamy room.
that lamp has a new home...
nothing like crusty blingy  love..
Mark completely built this armoire from scratch. It is incredible I would love this piece. I am dreaming about it tonight & tomorrow...
my mom couldn't stop thinking about that tattered  lamp all the way home..I said " mom call up & buy it we will go back next week , it will be beautiful in your home"...she did but said my step dad will ask her when she is getting a shade for it.. don't you love it!
this is one of several heavenly rooms...dream on little fairies..
I think it is time to shop some more...
are you still dreaming?
did you remember to look up & trust today?
well did you order or pick up you copy yet? You better!
mom bought this lamp.another shade my step will be trying to figure out what happened to. Oh we love it!
the beautiful Fifi....aka the French fairy signing &  another Romantic Prairie Style book..with some of  her sweet friends..

the party is over... the party is never over in my book....but it time to hang your party dress up & go to bed now dream girls
oh I think i will take a rest in the lovely french chair... it's been a long day for my precious mom.

Thanks for your visit is a big kiss for you & a big goodbye to Sarasota.... it was a beautiful day. I think we have something special going on down here in the Sunshine state. Must be Fifi's fairy/angel dust.... xo Laura
P.S. I would love to hear from you & appreciate all your comments.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Beautiful Fifi's Book...MAGNIFIQUE!

Bonjour all you Romantic Prarie Girls... I finally got my copy of Fif's book... did you get your copy? Amazon has been taking longer then expected so I made a trip to my local Barnes & Noble well I made skid marks getting there...It is truly one of my favorite Home books & more.

As you know any thing Fifi's touches ( besides our hearts) is pure Heaven. I love this book. I love the breathtaking photos, the message it gives & the pure beauty all the homes share with us. Be sure to get your copy you will be very very inspired!

here are a few pictures I love for inspiration.. If I listed all of them my blog would explode!

Fifi's guest house I love the feel of this corner.. love the soft colors & LOVE what she did with old armoire  doors to make shutters. Get the book to see the full effect. just beautiful.

Fifi's guest cottage bathroom...a bubble bath here.. can you if you had the book you can see all the sweetness of this heavenly bathroom.
I just love this picture Oh I was so  excited to see Verbena's terrarium hanging out  with her new friends........ I love this table & all of Fifi's special touches.  I got inspired this morning & came up with this....

I had fun playing..this green dresser ( not really my color)  I have had for a long time it is from Belgium...can not seem to find it a new home...making  the best of what I have this book has inspired me to redecorate around here... so what else is new....The best news is...............FIFI'S BOOK SIGNING IS TOMORROW AT POSH ON PALM I AM GOING WITH MY MOM..CAN'T WAIT I WILL BE SURE TO POST ALL ABOUT OUR DAY.
xo Laura