Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dear Ms. Blog,
I am very sorry I have been absent for such a long time...but you see I have found some new loves..well there is one in particular..Ms. Instagram, she is really nice, kinda private, pretty and most of my friends and I hang out with her. Yes I know Mr Face book has gotten on my nerves with way to much to say and twitter will that's not for me so you see I will come visit when I can because after all you are my first love. I will never forget you. Tell me how have you've been? Lonely? Yea I understand.  Me? I have been super busy just keeping up with the house, the kids, the chickens, the horses, the dogs making and selling stuff... don't forget...I still love you!!! xoxo Laura

feel free to email me if you have any questions
I will have a brand new website this coming fall..I am very excited about it. you can visit my etsy for now

here's what I have been up love bird paintings are doing extremely well..selling as cards, prints & wedding seating cards.
I am framing all my artwork in vintage barn wood made here on the farm selling on line & also locally.
this one is selling out.I named this one...Love at first sight.

Pinky is very popular with owl lovers & the young girls. I originally painted this for my dear friend Joyce.

Now this is Hazel my favorite..she is a lady, sweet and romantic.

here she is framed in vintage washed barn wood.

these are just a few of the many prints I am selling very well. I will cut any size frame to fit one of these wonderful whimsy birdies for you.
when Harry meet Pinky!

 our most popular lady bird who makes everyone smile

Ms Violet!!!

I love her in pale pink washed barnwood!

now what really keeping me busy every day...

my pottery..I love sculpting, molding & painting I think I found my true love
The Olivia Rose wreath cup.

oops...put some clothes on!!!

always ready for a cup of tea! many many new tea cups avail this week in the store.
 my hand sculptured love birds are very popular..they make great gifts & wedding cake toppers!!!

so that is my little share for now.

my next blog post will be super special as I have some amazing news to share I just have to put all the pictures together for you all.

till we meet again..xoxoxoLaura