Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rachel Ashwell... Shabby Chic Book Signing!!!

The Shabby girls..or shall I say The Shabby Queen with The Shabby Girl..

Rachel Ashwell... is a dream come true
I have been a Shabby Chic fan for over 17 years. I think most of us know what Shabby Chic is & how Rachel's beautiful dreamy style
transformed our interiors & changed the world of flea market shopping... I can go on & on about how much I love her style but what is more important is the woman who created all of this incredible beauty is just as beautiful as a person..I was honored to spend some time talking with her... and must say I was enamored listening to her as she gave her book presentation.. she is beautiful, down to earth, spiritual, & a little Shabby in a good way...wearing a pretty pink vintage top, faded jeans...worn out leather belt...sueded mutted out boots...crumpled big white leather bag.... Thank you Rachel for such a special time!!! You MUST own her new book for your collection it is a treasure just like her!!!! xooxoo Shabby Girl Laura

The Book Center ladies are super sweet & helpful... thank you for all your help ladies & saving me a seat in the first row...
lots of construction going on here.. a little Shabby road...
Oh this is the table? where is the beautiful Shabby Table covering?????

Oh there ya go... Rachel giving her heart felt book presentation... she is just beautiful!!!
Rachel getting ready for her book signing... love this table covering you can purchase it at her store....
I will always treasure Rachel's New Book for many years to come & will past it on to my daughter.... xooxxo Shabby Girl forever Laura

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fifi O'Neal . The Creative French Goddess ... check out her necklace !!!!

First of all I want to start this post by saying a few years ago when I first staring blogging I discovered a blog called Chez Fifi I think almost any one who loves all that is beautiful on this planet earth knows who Fifi is..a real Angel on earth & if you don't you MUST go to her blog
Fifi works non stop always creating something more beautiful then the next.. whether she is recreating a plain store bought table into a french inspired treasure, introducing a new creative soul to the blogging community or just talking about her late night drive to the airport discovering an angry opossum sitting in the back seat of her car smiling at her & wanting to go off to Provence for her next Photo shoot, Fifi in my opinion is everyone's favorite treasure!!! So that is what I wanted to share Now the other thing I wanted to share is she has a a NEW T.V. show in the works with H.G.T.V. go to her blog to read about it and look at what she is wearing in her T.V. video... VERBENA'S OLIVIA ROSE NECKLACE!!!!! How great is that & how honored am I!!! So that's my exciting post for today.. I will have this necklace uploaded on etsy... currently selling under the name apieceofvintage.... any question just email me at
xooxoo Laura

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's New.. New Day, New necklace, New ad...

The day is over... getting ready to turn out the lights.... ... Tomorrow is a brand New day!!!
The Magical Window Necklace... so original, available for purchase one of a kind ( etsy) it's NEW romantic, Vintagy & just magical...

I am very happy how our NEW ad turned out!!!! That's all folks!!! xoxo Laura

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Shabby Space... but not chic...

I am working on organizing & cleaning out my studio I started to work on it last Sunday but then decided to go swimming instead... This picture was taken at sunset to hide my mess. I don't know what it is but I have this block to get organized...It's not one of my strong points never has been... I do wish I was a little more anal ( oops) so I figured if I posted part of my home/studio work area it would put a little pressure on me & force me to get it together.... so will call these the before shots & will post the after soon I promise...
my little crammed messy alcove where I am now....
Oh how I love my books.. this is my sitting area right behind my alcove... to be continued...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hallmark Who?

Here's a sweet idea for a card to give to a friend... I remember my grandmother always giving hankies as gifts... This one for you nanny....

My friend loves roses & lace so I used some pretty vintage wall paper I have been saving, use any color construction paper fold in half then decorate to your hearts desire... the vintage wall paper was glued to the front, lace buttons, rhinestones...whatever you have in your stash........ when she opens it up......
Oh how sweet a vintage hankie tucked underneath a wide piece of ribbon hot glue works wonders around here..... Don't forget to wrap it in a pretty ribbon with some little flower posies to finish it off....that was my little crafty project for you... xoxo laura

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to our special nest... Verbena's Artist Studio...

Today we had our first Sewing class taught by Melody ...she is such a beautiful lady, teacher & friend.. I think this is the beginning of many classes here in the Studio.. I feel as if I am truly doing what I love.. bringing kindred spirits together to learn, create & have fun!!! I am posting some pics to share our special space here in this Historic building and some pictures of the studio & class...I am a little tired so please excuse my post if it's a little dull.. xoox Laura
Welcome to the first landing .. check out the stain glass window.. one of the most incredible buildings in Down town Ocala.. The Marion Block Building was once housed as the original Ocala Opera house.
Up the stairs to the Studio...nothing like this building downtown
I love the old world charm & beauty of this hallway.. original oak paneling, tiled floors, high ceilings and us!!!
Sewing area.. our cozy peaceful corner in the world.

Special Irish linen stored away for projects
Oh that darn bobbin... Melody is the queen of sewing I must say.
Catherine, Melody & Olivia sewing & thinking........
Jennifer with her sweet little pin cushion.
Catherine with Her sweet little pin cushion.