Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting there & grateful...

Hi blogging friends I really have been out of touch from the world of blogging and all that digital stuff. For some reason in all my many moves this ones was & still is the hardest. Are you an accumulator? Do you save way too much stuff? Are you a sentimental collector like me well when it is time to clean house & move your life it is stressful.. for me it has been overwhelming but it is great to get rid off all the stuff... what is that stuff anyway? I am in my new home here on the farm & have a way to go getting it together. I am posting some pictures for you to see some of the "things" I have kept & love.. Life is changing I love when this's like a rebirth for me... I will be in touch many good things happening... Love to hear from you. Believe me I am grateful I am finally getting there!!!! xooxo Laura
some of my many garden/ Victorian inspired of my old addictions. over it now.
antique shoe rack I am using for extra bowls/dishes.. inspired by Rachel Ashwell.
My Grandmothers dishes & thrift shop urn find.
my carved old doors I never painted.. maybe in time a washed Grey?
my old cabinet that I had in my studio now stores my books.
what to do with an old shawl... tack it to your bathroom window... I placed a lladro ballarina I was given as a gift many years ago on the sill.
The real deal... Aunt Nannia"s cupboard I placed in my kitchen.. used for spices & vitamins.. another favorite piece I will cherish.
this chair & white cover..believe it or not is 17 years old... something I will be true to White, linen & Vintage
My favorite dresser I have had for many many years... I sold most of my furniture during my move but this one I will not let go of... for now
work in progress.. I want to create a sitting area in my bedroom with an alter/mantel honoring my Grandmothers...
what's this.... necklaces rolled up in an antique quilt from the move... oh way too many I have issues?
working on creating a dressing/closet area with all my favorite accessories.
my favorite view is from the shower... in the morning I look for the momma eagle sitting on the tippy top of that branch way up high in the tree top ( see the branch) feeding her baby... in the evening I look Up at the moon & stars count my blessings & thank God for being home here. xoxoxo Laura

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Best New Treasure!!!

As you know Fifi is my most favorite lady on the planet...there is no one like her... shall I list some of her best qualities...lets see now...these are just a few

best & kindest heart
the best style & taste
best editor on the Planet
best decorated nest located here in Florida
best decorated little guest house
and now the best new book!!!!
she really is just the best and she is also known as the the French Angel... the best French Angel

I am thrilled to announce & blog that Fifi has created her first book titled.. Romantic Prairie Style!!!! Look at the cover picture I can not wait to get my copy!!!! This will be the best new treasure to add to your collection... just like her!!!
Please be sure to preorder here