Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's Get this Party Started!

I am participating in the talanted Karen Valentine of my desert cottage 2nd annual blog party "Where Bloggers Create" it's a big blog hop, where everyone shows off their creative working areas. Currently this is my studio.. I have some pictures posted as I am sure you have a lot of party hopping to do thanks for stopping by...Let's party!!!

Welcome to my creative nest. I am very fortunate to have such a grand space in my home. This is the upstairs of my house. I converted our upstairs sun room into the family/living space & made my old living room my studio. I have lots of sunlight, large windows and overlook lots of old mossy oak trees, sky oh my feathered friends are everywhere... it truly is Heaven here.. all I need is the ocean. To be honest I find myself creating most of the time on my old kitchen farm table even with all this space one table is enough for me ...this is where I find my inner peace. xoxoxo Laura
come on around the corner...lots to see
sometimes I bottle up all my feelings... here they are!
the lace wall I created using old lace panels, clips & wire.
somethings I do with my old dishes...
I use the top of my long mantel to hold some of my dishes before they get broken ( the other hundreds are in my garage)
using wire I clipped old lace to separate my reading area from the studio
nests are everywhere they store & hold all my ribbons, roses & cards
some of my handmade jewelry, mosaic bird bowls just hanging around a beautiful cage lady my mom gave me for my birthday years ago.
sit down relax I will make you a cup of tea.. take a look around some more..I will do all the talking... so what else is new.
I collect vintage birds, fabrics, nests, old vintage hats, dishes, bottles& lots of ribbons. Well just about everything old & romantic.
my sitting area with all my inspirational books I have collected over the years. I hope to write one one day.
what to do with those wood drying rack... drape doilies & lace of course!

my little antique green enamel table where I solder, make jewelery & make a mess.
one of my favorite finds are these incredible hand embroidered colorful umbrellas from India. I did not know where to put them.. what do you think?
one of my work areas.. that green cabinet is from England it use to store teas.. I love it.
made from an old window I have had this cabinet for about seventeen years. I have a thing for old cabinets. I store some of my favorite antique fabrics here & my old tins.
I love my very long cabinet I had made out of old windows from a farm house here in Ocala I use this to store ribbons, boxes, fabric, buttons .. lots & lots of goodies.
Well I guess it's time to take a seat & start another unfinished project..oh don't leave I love having you around.. have another cup of my tea or just stop back soon as I am redoing my studio this summer. Thank You for stopping by & seeing where my heart & soul will always be !!!! xoxo Laura
Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.- Emerson

Gypsy Summer Soul Sistas

I'm excited.. I am finally getting the hang of all this uploading on Verbena's new on line Boutique. The reaction has been very positive . So please come visit & tell me what you think.. I love to hear from all of you Gypsy Summer Soul Sistas. xoxo Laura

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summertime Shopping on Line


Verbena Nested Treasures Online boutique will open for you to view & shop on June 17,2010.
Being a old fashioned girl who comes from the old school of retail... greeting my customers in person, getting to know a little bit about them, and giving them a big hug when they walk out the this will be a new experience for me along with continuing to keep my mortar & pestle shoppe open. I am very excited to finally get this end of my business going. I feel the Verbena look is special & little different. I create & buy only what I love & will always give you items of beauty, quality & excellent service. I cherish each & every one of my customers who support my little boutique & Artisan Women Helping Women. This is a new beginning of many exciting things to come for all of us! xoxoxo Verbena girl

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Green Acres Is The Place For Me!!!

As the saying goes you can take the girl out of the city but can't take the city outta the girl... well as much as I do miss the city life I think I am a Country girl at heart. Is there a name for us city girls now planted in the middle of Farm Country? If you think of one let me know. When it rains I love the smell of dirt. When I see lots of green I feel at peace. When I hear the birds sing, I sing with them. I get excited when I drive to my step dads farm with the kids and gather fresh eggs. I seem to be drawn these days to planting lots of organic veggies, reading & trying to learn more ways to recycle my life, simplifying, decluttering my shabby mess & eating more like a rabbit? Well maybe it is the old age kicking in or maybe it's time for me & my family to live a simpler life. Working on it.
Is it me or are you also loving more magazines on these subjects and here is one on line magazine you should check out I have a mention too!!! Great info for all. xooxo Laura

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bigger is Better!

John Lennon once said " life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" and life has been busy here! As the school year is ending there are many parties, sleepovers & events, so please excuse me as I have been off the computer for a bit.. I am back to the swing of things & have been uploading jewelry & accessories to get the website going. I am hoping to have the paypal linked within the next few days so please check back for some beautiful jewelry & accessories for starters.
This pictured Clay Rosary is something I personally own & have been searching for quite some time & am so excited that it has found its way to us & will be available on Verbena's online boutique. This over sized special Rosary measures 72 inches around is handmade out of natural colored clay & strung together beautifully. I love to display mine on my Santos..You can hang it on your bed frame, mirror or just place it on top of a stack of old books. I know these will go fast they will be available under the Sacred Treasure section. Blessings xoxo Laura