Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hang In There!!!!

Well Verbena Girl is long over due for a Blog lift... and I have finally found just the right Creative Blog doctor who is a perfect fit.... so Stayed tuned & hang in there my friends as this Blog will be under construction along with a sista Web site... xooxo Laura

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lets Cheer up!!!. Spring Inspiration

Spring is in the air???? Well yes if you can take your imagination to a pretty cheery place we need it... so take a break and think pretty flowers, romantically vivid colors, Falling petals, & soft layers...I love this look so feminine & fresh...very inspiring to me too!!! So lets all get to work & see what we can do with it all. Enjoy. xoox laura

P.S. Thank You Anthropoligie for always inspiring me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh how beautiful !!!!

Hi My friends I stumbled across this site on etsy & had to share.. what a great idea so beautiful & clever!!!
xooxxo Laura

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Have A Heart!!!!

Our Magical & original Mermaids Girls made exclusively FOR VERBENA.. (Thanks to Ms. Jen the Gem) have arrived more beautiful then ever I thought by adding a heart would give it that heartfelt touch to generate some sales and to try to do something to help Haiti... in my own small way I will send a percentage of all my Valentine Items proceeds to the Haiti Relief Red Cross... it is a start to a very very difficult road ahead.
so please just comment or email me & I will send you a paypal or whatever works for you.
I will keep you posted to how much money we have donated.
Thank You God Bless you always


Pray... Give anything you can.
Is something bigger then we know going on here on Earth?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow on my palmtrees? Staying Cozy here.

O.K. so I am posting Rachael Ashwells sofa's why well after having it SNOW IN FLORIDA that's right it snowed here & my palm trees were covered with garden is gone so sad...Deal with it you say..I know where you live the temps are freezing almost every day & the snow doesn't stop... but remember when your blood thins & we have all this moisture down here this cold weather just sends big chills right through your bones .. ...all I can do is stay warm & cozy on my couch with Ellie ( my doggie) by my side... in the mean time I would love to cozy up on one of these sofas. I just love them & wanted to share some pictures... O.K. time to go back to my shabby little sofa... have a good night my friends.. stay warm oxo Laura

LOVE LOVE This sofa I think this is my dream sofa at this time I love the way Rachel covered the cushion in velvet ( shown in her new book) I am into mixing the rugged/ rustic with the dreamy Shabby style....

I love these seafoam colored pillows I could be very happy here with my blankie all cuddled up keeping warm..have a good night xoxo Laura

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going Going Green? An apple a day??? What!!!!

Oh If only Eve was here... how cool would this be to wear in the Garden? Better Yet I think Adam would have loved it... maybe Eve would not have eaten that apple...she would be too busy sporting her new Fig leaf scarf???? Oh It's late & my humor is getting rusty..though I would post & show you my Fab scarf my sweet friend Mary made for me for Christmas... felted & made out of old sweaters purchased from Good Will & hand stitched... and yes it is coming in handy down here in the Sunshine state as temps are icy cold.....anyway... this is what I love about blogging expressing your thoughts, sharing & just having some fun...... xooxo Laura

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sweet Dreams for the New Year!!!!

Back home from a beautiful trip visiting Family & friends in NY & NJ....I want to wish all my blogging buddies a New year Filled with only all good things, good health, love, peace, less stress, compassion, abundance, inspiration and lots of faith.... I feel this is the year we will need it most. This trip I was too busy having fun & didn't take too many pictures so I am posting some windows of inspiration, stops downtown NYC...remember...focus this year on what's really important. I will leave that up to you to think about. God Bless you & your loved ones this coming year!!!!! xoxoo laura

Nothing made my jaw drop ( Olivia's too) like this gallery mosaic art... Sicis.. incredible just incredible.

The New Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic store New York

aahhh so calming to be here...
Rachel's inspiration boards.. she is one of mine...
what to do with paper cups from the water cooler... how amazing!!!!
my favorite... linen, crochet doilies and paper cup snowballs...
A bird is the word?
( Anthropoligie bed downtown NYC) sweet dreams my friends...may all your dreams come true this year!!!!! xoxo laura