Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now this is Something to Blog about!!!! Believe!!!!

O.K. there are two parts to this story how do I explain something like this.. Right now I am full of so much excitement & joy I can not up load this fast enough... O.K. I will start my story.. & am sorry I never write this much but you MUST READ THIS..yesterday while working in the store I was behind my counter bending looking for something when all of a sudden when I got up a mysterious looking man was standing right in front of me he startled me.. at first I though he was homeless ( sorry if he ever reads this) he looked like a cross between A hippy from Woodstock & Santa Clause.. I said can I help you he said I am the Spoon Man where is the waif that use to work here not me I have been here for several years then he pulled out piles of handmade vintage spoons he makes into bracelets... oh my heart was beating they are beautiful perfect for my store I was thinking.. as we started to talk it turns out he is from the Midwest travels around with his wife in a bus and just sell these spoon bracelets.. He said he has been making them for Thirty years that all he does.. o.k. I can go on & on I bought a bunch for the shop thinking I could do some fun embellishments to them for my customers... One of the things I though I would love especially for was to add a watch... I do not have one & I thought it is Time for me to wear one.. the man left and that was that..anyway park that thought.. Today when I got home from the store a box was waiting on my porch...mmm I thought what is this from who.. it was from Dawn Marie.. someone I connected with on Facebook, never met face to face but am beyond honored to have connected with her...why well you tell me..not only did she make me the most incredible gifts.. I never expected any of these & was shocked when I opened up the box. scroll down to see what she did but the last gift I opened up was guess what???? The spoon bracelet with a watch on it.. better yet it was from the same man who came into my shop here in Florida I know they are his because he has special closures that only he does & when I put Two & two together Dawn Marie lives in the same State as he...Minnesota ... Now what do you think of that!!!! Please go visit Dawn Marie (artifacts & whimsy blogspot) for me send out some love to someone special... she is am Angel On Earth.. A REAL One.. This is what she did.. How do you give back to someone like her???

I believe!!!
peek inside the box...there is a Santa
For my daughter!!!! OMG how cute is this packaging!!!
Handmade stocking filled with healing gifts.. funny my nickname was Jasper & my stone is rose quartz.. how did she know?
Love Love this... Dawn Is an Angel Artist on Earth!!!!
wrapped for A Vintage Queen Vintage Queen.... Oh No Glamor Queen even better!!!!
In person this handmade box would make your heart melt!
now this makes me thing I better start making time for the important things in my life!!!!
yes I am frustrated & the naked truth.. not to much these days... naked though... scary
aromatherapy... my favorite
A yummy pile all cut up waiting for me..pinching myself!!!!
My beautiful Spoon watch... can you believe it!!!!
This is the spoon I purchased for the shop yesterday from the mysterious spoon man.. Believe That's all I can say there are angles around us.. Believe in God, Believe in Yourself, Believe that everything always works out for the best... Believe in Faith Hope & love... God Bless you all.. may all your dreams come true in the New Year!!! xoxoxo laura

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where my dreams are made...

Hope you all are great & getting into the Holiday spirit...I have not started my Christmas shopping & have just started to put up a few decorations...there are some many beautiful blogs out there filled with amazing Holiday treasures...I am not there this year for some reason... but have put my energies into my home studio..I have finally clean up & organized it I as promised here is a very small peek at where I dream late at night, create a mess, sew, make jewelry, mosaic & whatever I am in the mood to do...I am in the process of developing a new company & taking a whole new direction for the coming year so place stay in touch as I will keep you posted...If you come by for a visit sit by the fire & have a cup of tea or Java... & I hope you do...please remember Studio hours are 11:00 p.m. -2:00 a.m.
my favorite corner & chair where I sit, rock & daydream when I have the time...
Thank you for taking a peek . Many more picture to come... xoxo Laura