Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Joys of creating

loving to create and share a little dream  with you this holiday season..a handmade holiday.. always a Joy to transform my nest when I can for you....creating with love  in my heart and soul...come share the Joys of creating and giving this holiday season.

God bless you always! xo verbena girl

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A beautiful Season

                                                 Hi my old blogging friends!
                      As you know it's been busy around here on the farm just trying to keep up with life, kids, chickens, dogs, rabbits, horses and trying to get my little shoppe Verbena ready again for the Holiday Season.  I thought it would be nice to blog especially for some of my friends who I don't get to talk to much but I know you stop by to see what's  up in this neck of the woods!!! Hi Cheryl!!!! Hi Nancy!!!! Hi Kim!!!! Miss you all!!!!
 Always inspired and  motivated to make something new out of something old, something that is functional with meaning, nature inspired and most of all beautiful to give.
 I had a lot of fun creating these little Holiday vignettes on my studio porch..take a peek hope you get inspired to make and give something  beautiful this Holiday season.


I thought of this idea a while back thinking what to do with all my vintage silver collection so  
I made hand poured soy candles in vintage silver cups sprinkled with fresh herbs and flowers I grow here on the farm.
tea cups are also another idea and good way to recycle old cups. What better way to share my antique and silver collection for Holiday gift giving. Some of my customers are bringing me their cups to fill with my heavenly blends.
several antique trays are filled with these at the shoppe
I love them grouped together in three's on a little tray...the smell is so sweet.
I also dusted faux snow on petite pine trees  and placed them in my collection of silver baby cup lined with moss from the farm trees. makes a sweet little gift & nice way to reuse your childs baby cup.
Another favorite shop item for years that has become very popular is our sacred hearts..I love them worn around your neck on a handdyed silk or vintage ribbon or just placed on top of old tattered books for display. These make extra beautiful & affordable gifts for a loved one.
Flowers in vintage mason jars tied with ripped old fabric..plenty of that around here.
I had such fun creating all of this on my studio porch. Here is one of my favorite  perfectly weathered old farm table I took & mixed some of my old chairs and lightly  nestled them  together to create a cozy but creative French Nordic feel. My favorite style.
lots of whites, bleached wood, sheep skin throws, French bottles, handmade artisian Holiday tags dangle on a naked wire lampshade, touches of deep rich reds and my favorite a big galvanized bucket filled with gifts.
lots of pine cones in this neck of the woods... .perfect for holiday touches everywhere...a pretty silver trophy cup I picked up at a local thrift shop

oh what would one of my jewelery displays be with out our beautiful verbena girl
she was taking a break here on the farm but will be back to work in the shoppe this week!

always save the best for last..Dante's dog Eddie is  enjoying watching me carry all these things back and fourth from the house..and I  know he is wondering what the heck I am doing!
Having fun... doing what I love to do..making a mess!!!!
Look for the new Ocala Family Times Magazine Holiday issue this will be a beautiful issue filled with many great stories and creative ideas for the my little Holiday  studio porch styled by me will be featured...thank you Rose!
Last but not least
Please don't forget to support your local shops, buy handmade and...
 be sure to do something nice to help another even if it's something small. We know now more then ever there are so many in need.
I am taking a percentage of all my Holiday sales and giving back to a family in need.
my little gift for you...a  very old poem that is one of my favorites written by a child in 1861
Beautiful ground on which we tread,
Beautiful leaves above our head,
Beautiful flowers and beautiful trees,
Beautiful land and beautiful seas!
Beautiful sun that shines so bright,
Beautiful stars with glimmering light,
Beautiful summer, beautiful spring,
Beautiful birds that merrily sing!
Beautiful lambs that frisk and play,
Beautiful night and beautifl day,
Beautiful all the plants that grow,
Beautiful winter, beautiful snow!
Beautiful drops of pearly dew,
Beautiful river, bright and blue,
Beautiful herbs that scent the air,
Beautiful objects everywhere!
Beautiful every thing around,
Beautiful grass to deck the ground,
Beautiful lakes and woods and fields,
Beautiful all the green air yields,
Beautiful bud and beautiful leaf;
Beautiful world, thought full of greif;
Beautiful every tiny blade;
Beautiful all the Lord has made!

Blessings to all.. see you in a few weeks with  some  great news to share!!!!
xoxoxo Laura


Sunday, November 4, 2012

French nesting at Verbena

While treasure hunting a while back, I discovered these wonderful vintage creates that had the perfect chalky colored patina...perfect for my decorating style and perhaps yours....vintage...muted shades...a little rustic....functional and French inspired! I stored them in the barn for a while waiting for the right time to bring them out and offer them for purchase. Timing is everything..and I think these are the perfect accessory for your French inspired holiday decorating.
 I am posting some pictures that have inspired me to share with you. some are mine and some are from jean d of my favorite sources for inspiration.
I will be working on styling a Holiday photo shoot here on my studio porch this week with a local magazine and will be using them as well for some creative and festive uses. I will share the pictures with you when they are done.
so take a peek I think you will love these. I would love to hear some of your uses for them as well.
 Once they are gone that's it. These are the real deal with metal detail sides too.  .

                 French inspired from Jean d arch great for nesting your books and magazines
My mom has had one for years that sits on her kitchen island filled with some of her special olive oils, herbs d Provence and French sea salts.

love this picture from jean d arch!!! Don't forget I will be sharing more pictures of what I am doing with mine for the holidays...
I also have a few of these longer fruit crates message me if you would like to get creative for the holiday's or any day  with your French inspired crate !!!!
  or stop by the store in the Marion Block building Ocala's original Opera house. You can also visit my moms incrediable & european style cheese room across from me.. a truly special shopping experience for all..have fun and  fill up your crates! contact me for details to ship etc...
xo Laura