Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well I did it!!! For those of you who follow my blog or read my last post.. Remember that sweet Salvaged house I fell in love with? Well my family & I drove back to Fernandina beach ( 2 1/2 hour drive today) to pick up my moms French floor screen..(That's another post.) Anyway my family thinks I am nuts as we know but there was no stopping I parked the car in front of the house.. Mr Man here on the porch trying to relax on a Sunday afternoon drinking his beer & smoking his cigar I am sure after breaking his back building & working on this house all week & year.. finally sits down to get away from it all & who pulls up... that's right the wild Shabby Salvage Treasure who just has to see this house & find out who is behind this Salvage I introduce myself tell him how much I love his home & ask if I can take a few pictures.. he was very nice & says yea you are witnessing a murder.. I say ??? he said in the early 1800's a man by the name of Charlie was shot & killed on this porch I say oh no do you have a ghost he said at first they thought they did but no...this home has great that was my little history for starters.. no problem he was very nice. as I leave skid marks to get going on my quick self tour... I turn to my left this is what I walked through.. now keep in mind may family is in the car waiting wants to go back home.. so I was a little rushed but so happy to be here & share this with you. After posting this I thought because of my passion for Historic homes, Salvage decorating & just finding interesting places.. I will post from time to time a feature called KNOCK KNOCK... Maybe if it works start a new online blog.I hope you enjoy my little journey into Sweet Salvaged Land..Let me know what you think.. xo Laura
Love that gate!!! Love all those urns!!! Smells like fresh I come....

walkway on side of the house.. just love the weathered wood on this house... columns aren't bad either..
oh my word!!! this is not complete but this will be her little shop.. you can see a pond will be on the left. are you falling in love...
O.K. are you melting??? Is this the sweetest little mini salvaged shoppe/cottage.. I can't think of a name for it.. just soo sweet..this will be her shoppe soon. & I though my shoppe was small.. I guess best things do come in small packages. So you ever think of using a drawer as a window flower box? How inspiring!
standing in the paved courtyard looking at back of the house.. boy would I be happy walking barefoot in the morning on this pavement listing to the birdies sing out here with my cup of tea or the evening would be fine with heels & a glass of a mojito too!
how beautiful are these cherub lights that always stay close to & protect their Sweet Salvaged Home.. every inch of this home has details that I just love! Please note: steam coming from car as family waits for me to get back in & drive back home!
Oh dear I think the lovely lady name was Carol.. I hope so she was too sweet with her Southern accent.. I love the real deal people who have no idea how talanted they are & just mosey along in life creating their own little world made of such beauty & charm.. I hope to meet Carol ( I hope that was her name) again & get to know the special lady behind all this creativity. Wished I worked for a magazine I would feature her home. This is what is great about blogs...sharing the magic around us.. and there is so much... when she opened the door my eyes were glued to part of the inside oh if I could only see what is behind those doors...I can tell the inside would make my heart pitter patter again & again...
So thanks you so much Mr man on the porch..Thank You for being so kind & letting me have a quick peek & enjoy your amazing Sweet Salvaged Home that I love so much..Regards to Charlie. Oh I will be back hopefully we can have some tea or maybe you can come visit me! xo Laura

Thursday, March 25, 2010

If walls could talk.

Remember when you were a kid traveling to new places didn't you just love riding around in the family car looking out the windows oohing & aahing at those great old houses? I did & I still do..I love finding the Historic District & going back in time in my mind thinking what was it like then, oh the families that lived in these houses, the style, the furniture, the gardens the life the stories... If these walls could talk.. I took these pictures last Sunday in Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island Fl..the first house below has been on my mind so much that I posted it on my FB I am going back this Sunday to talk more pictures to will just love it.

This he entire house is made from salvaged things....the side walkway is covered with an amazing wood archway & covering,, it is just beautiful and the back has a guest house & green house made from old windows, chippy salvaged wood & a fabulous vegetable garden.. love it! It's like Green acres meets Shabby Chic. Call me crazy I plan on knocking on the door to let them know how much I love their Sweet Salvaged Castle... to be continued. xo Laura

Below are some of the homes I took pictures of..

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Happiness is...The new issue of Romantic Country.. this is one of the most beautiful issues I have ever seen. I mean that! It's funny my most favorite home that I blogged about over a year ago is in the issue and guess who is in a few pages not the girl from Ipanema the girl from Verbena ME!!! I received my copy yesterday & am so in love with this issue.. so grateful beyond words so please enjoy this with me. Behind this breathtaking publication is the most special lady.....and another.......keep going....

Love Is.. Fifi O'Neill..It truly is..I have always called her The Creative French Angel on Earth and believe me she it!!! Any one who works & knows Fifi just Loves her beyond words. Her talent is like no other in the industry. If you want to fall in love just go visit her blog & get the magazine.
Happiness is..A Collection Of Confections...Beautifully written & photographed by Kimberley McCole someone needs to write about Her!
Pictures taken in my home studio.
Happiness is..Our Favorite Finds Too... Verbena Jardin Crown.. a very popular item in my store & blog is happily keeping company with some special new friends on this page.. Thank You my blogging friends for letting me share my excitment with you. Thank You Fifi & Kim for making my dreams come true! xoox Wishing you all love & happiness always.Laura


Good morning came to my blog this morning to find my new banner up along with a new layout.. I had no idea!!!! O.k. let me know what you think still have a lot of rearranging to do & the website will follow soon. xo Laura

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cowgirl Wedding Necklaces!

Thank you all for such great & positive feedback... I have decided to roundup the Cowgirl Wedding Necklaces and get creative creating them in creamy/natural shades & mixing them with natural elements..shells, pearls wood etc...I really am into these. I think you will love the new & improved version... this was just the start..I will post new pictures as I make them. If you like I will do any color for you ..I think the first batch of colors below are a little too bright for me? The medallion will hit like 3 inches below the neck with an adjustable tie. email me for details if you would like one. Lots of hand sewing ( what I love to do) cost is $38.00 with shipping.. xo Laura

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cowgirl Wedding necklaces... yee ha!!!

Hey Girls..while watching a movie last night I needed some sewing therapy... I love it when things just come together what ever I had in my box next to me & what started as one piece has now become a new collection of what I am calling Cowgirl Wedding necklaces..I think they are pretty & different for the Spring/summer months.. hope you like them I will be adding them along with a few other combos that I am excited to do..will be added to my shop as soon as we get it uploaded hopefully next week..My new blog should have been uploaded hopefully in another day.. if you need anything just email me for more pictures & details..xo Laura


Monday, March 8, 2010

Time to say my beautiful old Blog

Hello my friends... I just thought I would post a farewell to my beautiful Verbena Lady Banner.. I will miss seeing her pretty face..she is being removed from my blog but will be hanging around the design studio for inspiration always.. it's just that time for a change. A fresh new blog will appear soon & I finally have someone to help me organize this page, add buttons, links & all that bloggy stuff...a simple new website will be up as well..I know I am a late bloomer when it comes to all this techie stuff but I think the time is right for lets celebrate together with a new look and some exciting news on my first new post.. xo Laura

during the construction of the new site...Any wholesale orders just continue to email me
any additional orders for now can use my etsy site apieceofvintage or email me. Merci!