Sunday, August 26, 2012


Images of different kinds are all around each of us in many ways today more then ever
It's endless and over whelming.
What meaning do some of these images really have.. and why are we so drawn to them?
Women seem to be drawn to a special kind of beauty, a beauty that comforts and graces their soul.
Maybe we have a deep connection to these images or maybe they take us to a place to dream.
Whatever the image you love remember your connection goes deeper then you know.
We are all blessed to see the beauty around us...each one of us has the gift to see something that touches our heart.
perhaps something sacred
that reaches deep in our souls...

 images of pieces that have an  interesting story to tell... think of where they have  rested, who has opened that door or written a love letter on that old table.
images of vibrant vines to remind us of what is real.

a comforting image to know a sweet creature has safe place to nest
a beautiful image on a building to remind us to look up and trust.

or  an image that takes us to a place to we do not know perhaps a journey we all need to go!
here is to all the beautiful beautiful images we see & share  & be sure if you do share others images on the internet, you give the proper credit to the original source. Thanks! xo Laura


Healing Woman said...

Once again, you have created a magical fairytale with all the images of shabby chic chairs and seaside resorts, just waiting for me to enter. Thanks so much for your creativity. I can just imagine what your home and boutique looks like!

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Dear Laura I just had to send a huge thank you for your lovely message and making my day! Warmest of wishes from this old farmhouse - Glenda xxx

Marva said...

Laura you have such a beautiful blog! And I love all of your gorgeous photos!!! Wish I could come visit!