Monday, September 19, 2011

My little soulfull nest..

As they say  "when it rains it pours"  not to go into to all the details..these past few months have been life changing for me. A few months ago I started to built a little studio here on the farm. just as construction was halfway took an unexpected life dear  father passed precious son had to be admitted into the hospital to treat his Prader Willi & have ear surgery.. so my little soul full nest had to wait for me to return. Now I am back & am very grateful I have this special little place to retreat to. It's like a fresh start, a place to meditate, create, work on my new art &  find little peace. Perfect timing I say!  I have a way to go to get it in order & make it my soulful little are some pics I took this morning as some of you have been asking me what happened to that little studio..

grass to grow, flowers to for my soul here
still have to remove the stickers on the windows & sweep the sand from a storm while I was away.
it's been a tough journey but in my heart I know my new path will give me a fresh start to find some peace, work on my art & share a special space with loved ones. please stop back soon to see our little soulful nest. xo Laura


Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Laura!
Glad to see you back home and settling in to your beauty!

GIRL!!! I hope you are placing bunk beds in there so there is enough room for mine and daughter Hannah's stay :) Do I here SLUMBER PARTY!!

It is beautiful laura a cottage space to love! I can't wait to see all that you do to the inside, some of the furniture pieces that you are freeing up form the home will fit right into the cottage studio! :)

Thank you for your visit and your words I hang onto dearly :)
see you soon love!


Burlap Luxe said...

PS. Fifi needs to come photograph your cottage :)

sandra said...

Laura, this is such a sweet space and I wish you many sweet moments to create in there. I understand the changes in your life as mine did the same two years ago when I lost both my parents two weeks apart. I had my little studio built after that... to have a quiet sanctuary to go to and its the best thing I have ever done. A picture of me and my Mom rests on the windowsill and I know her spirit is always with me. I hope your son is doing well and be good to yourself as you take each day as it comes. Blessings to you.

stefanie said...

I think you are right...a new little resting spot for you!

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Laura,
I hope all is well with you, and that these days find you working on all your inspiring projects!

How is your little studio cottage coming along? and of course the house :))

Thinking of you girl!


Thespoena McLaughlin said...

I'm so glad to get to see your progress on the studio. You and I have been building ours at the same time. It always seems so close yet so far away doesn't it? Life just seems to be withholding at times. I'm sorry to hear about your father. It's so hard to loose your father, something I went through last year. Big hugs going out to you. Hope your kiddo is feeling better as well, nothing makes you feel so helpless as when your children are ill. Your little cottage is certainly a thing of beauty and I'm sure it will grant you many fine days of stress relief and happy creating. Hugs!

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Also, a little plastic garden edging with the rounded part cut off and run down the sides of your pavers with help keep your sand from washing away so bad. It's well worth the extra dough. and once the grass grows in good you can't see it anymore. Still trying to decide what I'm do for a walkway to my studio. Get awfully muddy with nothing to walk on. :)

jen said...

As I sit here and wipe my tears, how blessed to have Carlos Santanas tribute to your Dad.

The song was favorite!
His words were beyond touching.
Such a wise man.


Daisy Cottage said...

Dearest Laura,

I am so very sorry that your father has passed away...

Please know how much my heart goes out to you and how much I care.

He will be with you always as you breathe and honor him in all of the days of your life ahead.



Rachel Pallas said...

I LOVE your little studio space~it is so charming~ Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving me such a kind message! :) Your style and blog is beautiful!!I will be sure to add you to my blogroll! xoxo Rachel

Simply Me said...