Monday, September 19, 2011

Beautiful Tribute to my father

tribute to my father Robert Venosa by Carlos Santana thank you Carlos!


Rebecca said...

Laura, I am so sorry sweetheart. I know you will miss him dearly as I do mine... still knowing they are in a better place and rejoicing together in the heavenly realm giving glory to God.
My prayers are with you at this difficult time

Healing Woman said...

Hi Laura,
I've tried to post several times but for some reason haven't been able to..let's see if it works this time, if not, I'll catch you on Facebook. I wanted to offer you my most heartfelt sympathy in the loss of your father. He was a fabulous artist. My father was an artist too and I miss him dearly.

debra hocking said...


carlos' tribute was so beautiful. thanks for posting so i can see it. how blessed you are to have had a father to annoint you with talent and exposure to art. hope you are doing alright and finding your path.