Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Painting the nest.

Well I finally cleaned up, scraped & got heat stroke removing the Pink Glitter Eiffel Tower & birdies I painted on my windows a while back. You know how it is.... you wake up one day & decide it's time for a change! Maybe it's the old age creeping in but I am into less clutter & a cleaner space around me. Using my new Verbena nested treasure logo I had it enlarged taped it on the inside of my window & with my craft paint went to work. I am in the process of making new pique assitte flower pots with a cool stain & will retake pictures when the front is complete. So for now to keep you posted here it is... it's not perfect but the price is right & my arms got a little work out.
Gone but not forgotten....Yes this is a Pink Eiffel Tower you are seeing...My ideas are endless & one day I though why not paint a pink Glitter Eiffel Tower on my left window.. a little wonky but it stopped a lot of traffic... and let me tell you there is NO traffic in Ocala.
second window I painted a birdie with pearl swags & birdie peace sign also added my version of whimsy sacred hearts... what got into me that day! Life of a hopless Retailer.
So this little birdies of happiness remain on the main doors of The Marion Block Building to greet you....see you soon we have many changes ahead & exciting news to come!!! xooxox Verbena Girl


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Laura,
I love what you're doing now and what was there before. Gotta listen to that inner artiste you know! Have a happy week!

Ozma of Odds said...

...adoring your sweet "french shop" window!! Love the birdies and sacred heart and soooo wish I could come visit you...frequently!!!
xo, Rosemary

Burlap Luxe said...

Ooooh! Laura!
The new window is so you!! I just love your Logo name on the window, it truly is a unique look, a look that belongs to you!
PS. I am ready for some shop change as well,hmmm! You inspire girl.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Oh how pretty!!

Thank you for such a nice comment on my blog. You should check out my Shop Talk blog - I am having a "Show Me Your Display" feature where I want readers to show me their display they did THIS MONTH - just check my main blog and on the side click on Shop Talk. I am doing it for inspiration for store owners.

Your store is so lovely - and yes, would love to create with you too!! :-)


Joy @ The Vintage Rabbit said...

Love your new window Laura!!!!


Kathy said...

LOVE the new window Laura ~ beautiful!

Prior said...

Love your new window dressing! Sure wish I could visit, for real! Thanks for the sweet comment on Moma's yard, she is a treasure! Lezlee

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Laura,

WHAT A LOVELY AND PERFECT BLOG!!!!! Thank you for coming to visit me! HOW DID YOU FIND ME? And at this hour of the morning!!!! As I read your profile, I am inspired and moved. We all have our desires and dreams, and one of the simple pleasures that give many of us so much joy is CREATING a humble, grand, comfortable, relaxing or personalized living space. French d├ęcor and nesting themes are right up my alley, and your lovely shop reminds me of a few of my favorite stops here in my hometown of Minneapolis. A person just wants it all....the glitter, the little birds, the turquoise blue, everything!!

Please come by again soon....you are so kind! Anita

Curtains in My Tree said...

The new window is so cute.I don't own a store but I would want it to look just like yours.

Recycled Rita said...

I love your windows!!! Sooo cute!
Hey, where is Ocala?

sandra lee said...

So pretty and I love that you did it all by hand. So personal...hang in there, I know the feeling of owning a shop and having little traffic. I would come and shop if I lived closer!!! :)

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Laura,
Such a great! surprise to see you visit my place.
I hope you have been inspired by great things these days and if so, I can't wait to see your next posting.
see you soon girl!
Love to your young ones :)