Monday, August 23, 2010

Displaying Sweet & Special Treasures

I wanted to share an idea I love & have in my home... well lately my home is upside down as I am getting ready to move to my family's empty farmhouse... That's another post... anyway as I was removing some of my pictures off the walls I though oh this might be an idea I can share. I love to cook & have many old recipes This is a sweet idea you can do with an old family recipe or make one look old. I love the idea of framing recipes, letters, old books cards etc...
Paper coking stains show a time when this yummy recipe maybe stuck to grandmas hand many times or maybe reminds me of the days I baked with my grandmother & licked the spoon from her cookie batch. Still do! If you have an old family recipe this is a nice way to display & share it on your kitchen wall. It makes a beautiful & thoughtful gift to a friend or family member.
adding pretty lace, old scrumpled old flowers & leaves are a favorite touch we love... or maybe you have another idea.
An old petite book of The Story Of Macbeth my mom had framed many years ago she gave it to me as a gift. This is something I have had for a long time & treasure.

Some ideas can be a child's favorite book growing up, an old poetry book or your tattered school book I love the idea of framing them. How about you. The End xoxoxo Laura


Anonymous said...

Lovely idea, Laura! And so beautifully framed!
~ Zuzu

Carousel Dreams said...

What an enchanting idea - thankyou for sharing x

Opulent Oddities said...

Is your farmhouse located in FL?

Burlap Luxe said...

Hello Laura dear,
Always in awwww! when I visit, we beat at the same tempo!!

I have a long over due Thank-You and the mentioning of you at my Sanctuary place, come visit.
I so enjoy your Sanctuary and want everyone who visits me to know your peaceful art and soulfulness :)
love you girl!