Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's Get this Party Started!

I am participating in the talanted Karen Valentine of my desert cottage 2nd annual blog party "Where Bloggers Create" it's a big blog hop, where everyone shows off their creative working areas. Currently this is my studio.. I have some pictures posted as I am sure you have a lot of party hopping to do thanks for stopping by...Let's party!!!

Welcome to my creative nest. I am very fortunate to have such a grand space in my home. This is the upstairs of my house. I converted our upstairs sun room into the family/living space & made my old living room my studio. I have lots of sunlight, large windows and overlook lots of old mossy oak trees, sky oh my feathered friends are everywhere... it truly is Heaven here.. all I need is the ocean. To be honest I find myself creating most of the time on my old kitchen farm table even with all this space one table is enough for me ...this is where I find my inner peace. xoxoxo Laura
come on around the corner...lots to see
sometimes I bottle up all my feelings... here they are!
the lace wall I created using old lace panels, clips & wire.
somethings I do with my old dishes...
I use the top of my long mantel to hold some of my dishes before they get broken ( the other hundreds are in my garage)
using wire I clipped old lace to separate my reading area from the studio
nests are everywhere they store & hold all my ribbons, roses & cards
some of my handmade jewelry, mosaic bird bowls just hanging around a beautiful cage lady my mom gave me for my birthday years ago.
sit down relax I will make you a cup of tea.. take a look around some more..I will do all the talking... so what else is new.
I collect vintage birds, fabrics, nests, old vintage hats, dishes, bottles& lots of ribbons. Well just about everything old & romantic.
my sitting area with all my inspirational books I have collected over the years. I hope to write one one day.
what to do with those wood drying rack... drape doilies & lace of course!

my little antique green enamel table where I solder, make jewelery & make a mess.
one of my favorite finds are these incredible hand embroidered colorful umbrellas from India. I did not know where to put them.. what do you think?
one of my work areas.. that green cabinet is from England it use to store teas.. I love it.
made from an old window I have had this cabinet for about seventeen years. I have a thing for old cabinets. I store some of my favorite antique fabrics here & my old tins.
I love my very long cabinet I had made out of old windows from a farm house here in Ocala I use this to store ribbons, boxes, fabric, buttons .. lots & lots of goodies.
Well I guess it's time to take a seat & start another unfinished project..oh don't leave I love having you around.. have another cup of my tea or just stop back soon as I am redoing my studio this summer. Thank You for stopping by & seeing where my heart & soul will always be !!!! xoxo Laura
Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.- Emerson


The Vintage Rabbit said...

Gorgeous Laura!!! You should be in Where women create!!!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh Laura,
I love it so... your studio is beautiful! How about we switch places the next time you want to come to the Bay Area? I will definitely come back here to dream again, you ALWAYS inspire me, thank you sweet friend!

Caleen said...

I love your beautiful Space. So many lovely things to create with.. It sure looks like your Heart and soul are there.. I love the umbrellas, the cabinet.. all those lovely hats,lace.. It is just pure "Eye Candy"! Thanks for sharing.. Enjoy!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Hi darling darling friend! hope you are well! This is a dream place! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! blessings and light, Amy

Michelle May said...

Hi Laura!
So glad to find you through this wonderful blog party! I looooooooove your studio and all your creations! Just lovely!I'm now following your blog so I can keep in touch.

Magda said...

WoW!!! What a marvel place - studio - You have! Really creativ and inspiring, I love it!!!:D

Katsui Jewelry said...

Well, that is a little bit of heaven, Laura. I can't imagine having a wonderful place like full of light and lace and all manner of gorgeous things like umbrellas and lace walls and English tea cabinets! I am enjoying the French music in the background. This truly is a beautiful studio and yes, it should be published!

We are three months old (in blog time) and are a mother/daughter team. I didn't set the space cleaned but stop by sometime, if you wish.

Susan (Suz) Reaney
(not just about jewelry)

Burlap Luxe said...

I love your creative muse of work space. It truely is an ispiring space of great energy!!

I have to SAY!! the bottle drying rack with all the ribbons and fabrics hanging on it it to die for. I want oe of them soooooo! bad you ca do so may creative things with it.

I wish I were your neighbor so I can come over and fill my soul with your creative space :) we could create together :)

I will visit soon, it all looks beautiful girl!! a place and space to LOVE!


Magdalena said...

I find so many treasures in you is so romantic and bohemian...I love that!

Thank you for sharing your magical nest.

Lots of love


jen said...

Great pictures friend!
You have a fantastic space to work the magic!!


Rebecca said...

Hi Sweet Girl
Your studio is just beautiful just like you! What a wonderful place to be and spend the reading area - I actually am redoing my studio also this summer along with an attic project.
Loved your studio, thanks for the tea!
Many Blessings
PS the chandelier looks great in your studio!

MosaicMagpie said...

What a great room. I love the English tea cabinet.

A Fanciful Life said...

Great space! I especially like the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. You must love working in there!
Sharon :-)

LizlovesVintage said...

It's just amazing! I collect ribbon, lace, tins, silver, buttons, dishes too! I told you we have alot in common.xx Liz

Diane said...

Hi Laura, Your studio is just a wonderful place. I think we're so fortunate to finally recognize that we need these places. Thank you for letting me peek in. Diane

kluless said...

What an inspiring place to create! Thank you for sharing.

Amber Leilani said...

beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!
and i think those umbrellas are just perfect where they are...

Queen Bee said...

WOW! If I were a magazine I would publish you! Your studio is magnificent! Your attention to detail is outstanding! There are so many beautiful things! Impeccable eye candy!
Queen Bee Studio

Gypsy Fish said...

Your space is just incredible!!!!!So soft and flowing and ultra inspiring....thanks for giving us a peek at your space...and thanks fdor stopping by mine as well.
gypsy hugs

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a wonderful creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

Thespa McLaughlin said...

I love your space and how open and inviting it feels. Makes me want to jump on over there and take a walking tour, if only, LOL. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creative place. Hope you have a great week!

Leanne said...

oh. my. oh! my! Where to start?

I love your studio hours *grin* ...

I love the lace curtain separating spaces ... love it love it love it...


And the umbrellas! Hanging them from the ceiling was a great idea, although they are much brighter than the rest of your space ... maybe the same treatment but elsewhere in the house? I love them though ...

Cindy Geilmann said...

What an amazing space. So shappy! Love it Love it Love it.

come visit

Anonymous said...

And your too is just so wonderful and pretty, and romantic and lovely. Thank you for your sweet sentiments. I love your new blog design! Blessings Eden

Michele Seraphim said...

This is a super cool space! I LOVE IT and will most likely dream of it tonight! Hahahaha. It makes me think of a new bear and I will most certainly be back for further inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

sandra lee said...

I can't even tell you how beautiful everything looks! If I wandered in, I don't think I would ever leave! :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh my gosh! what a unique, beautiful, interesting creative room! I would love it, mine is pretty boring, but take a look if you get a chance


Claudia said...

What a fabulous space you have! My goodness - I love it. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

This is my very first visit to your blog, Laura, and I am in love with it! :)
Your studio and art are gorgeous! I'll be back to visit again soon!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh Laura what a huge and high studio you have wow! I especially like all the white lace curtains, the white ceiling and your little green enamel solder table!

I'm still making my way through all the creative spaces, that's why I'm so late, so many participants phew!

I recently saw your silver plated name spoons and totally love them!

Sending you my best wishes from Germany

Carola xoxo~

Karen said...

I love it.
Absolutely all of it.
I don't think I would ever leave.
It's soft. It's feminine. It's full of love and memories.
And it's large enough that you are able to keep everything you love, yet function.
And it has a fireplace. And lace walls.
Thank you so much for letting us enjoy your wonderful space!
Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

Burlap Luxe said...

Laura dear,
I was over visiting savvycity farmgirl and noticed she has been photographed for an up coming magazine :) So I went over to FiFi's place and saw that she featured your pendent's how beautiful the featured spot looks about our beautiful Laura and her verbena treasures :)

So happy to see your beautiful things featured :)

How are you doing, very well I hope :)

See you soon girl.
Call me when ever you want to chat.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hello Laura girl,
I wanted to tell you again how beautiful it is over here. I also want to mention I saw your lovelies at Fifi's as a featured item post how great is that, and why would they not be featured! they are inspiring and filled with passion.

jen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

I tried to e-mail, but it came back...?


Terri said...

Lovely space to do all of your creating in! Wow! So much wonderful stuff to create with. TFS

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Oh goodness, I'm speechless over your blog & shop. It is EVERYTHING I love. My family goes to FL usually once a year, I am defiantly working your shop into my next trip. Your lace panels have me drooling all over the keyboard. I noticed the umbrellas from India right away, love them a lot. The lace covered chandy towards the end of the post, TDF. Rebecca has one too, you girls are too, too talented! Love it all. Lisa

Jillayne said...

What a beautiful, inspiring room! I love your lace wall - what a terrific idea and a charming way to use such pretty pieces. I especially like your blog header too. Thanks so much for the tour and I'll be sure to be back!

Miss Sandy said...

Beautiful, beautiful studio. The umbrellas are magnificent! Thank you for the tour.

Kiki said...

Lovely to meet you..what a gorgeous enchanting tour..your space is full of magic and beautiful charm! Lovely!!
Kiki~, Heart of a Wizardess

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Beautiful! I could get lost for hours in this heavenly studio space! Actually, it might take longer than that as I was just referring to how long I could snuggle in a chair and take in all the fun with my eyes! Once I started digging, who knows how long that might take? Seriously, what an amazing collection of beautiful things...lots of talent going on in this room! What a treat to get to see it in photos! Xo, Sue

manon 21 said...

belle ballade dans ton univers.

bonne journée


VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi wonderful to hear from you. Your studio is just wonderful...full of so much magic & inspiration.

Lisa said...

Wow...what a lovely studio. So glad you stopped by and look forward to visiting your blog again.

freckled laundry said...

Wow. What an inspiring space to create in! That is beautiful. I love your cabinets made from old windows...I adore everything, actually! Perfect artist's studio filled with sweet treasures everywhere.