Thursday, June 3, 2010

Green Acres Is The Place For Me!!!

As the saying goes you can take the girl out of the city but can't take the city outta the girl... well as much as I do miss the city life I think I am a Country girl at heart. Is there a name for us city girls now planted in the middle of Farm Country? If you think of one let me know. When it rains I love the smell of dirt. When I see lots of green I feel at peace. When I hear the birds sing, I sing with them. I get excited when I drive to my step dads farm with the kids and gather fresh eggs. I seem to be drawn these days to planting lots of organic veggies, reading & trying to learn more ways to recycle my life, simplifying, decluttering my shabby mess & eating more like a rabbit? Well maybe it is the old age kicking in or maybe it's time for me & my family to live a simpler life. Working on it.
Is it me or are you also loving more magazines on these subjects and here is one on line magazine you should check out I have a mention too!!! Great info for all. xooxo Laura


Prior said...

I'm going to check out the mag, and yes, I am drawn to that type article. and how cool to have an mention in it. Lezlee

Burlap Luxe said...

Hello Laura,
Great POST, I too dream of that simple life..."Country in the city"
Packing all the clutter up was what I did last July and getting in touch with our needs not so much the needs of our things!!

I will check out the magazine and look for it at our book store.

Miss hearing from you girl, I hope your got to let your mind rest at your step Dads and came back motivated for big inspiring ideas for your life!

You go girl!


Your inspiring me girl.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hi Laura,
thanks for visiting me today, so nice to meet you! I wonder how you could find me through Fifi because I can't find a link to my blog over there, but I'm glad you found me anyway! Your blog is lovely!
I'm a country girl at heart too!
I didn't know it was your crown on the magnetic card from The French cupboard, so your beautiful crown now adorns my fridge tee hee
xoxo~ Carola

Sherri@lavenderfields said...

Great article. Congratulations on being featured. You are really starting to get some good recognition for all your hard work! It's a great on line magazine too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Sherri : )

Sandie's Patch said...

Hi Laura,
I live in the country but, have to work full time, so the 'simple life' gets complicated lol!
I haven't visited your site for some time, boy I've missed so much!
I absolutely love your style and femminine.
Keep up the good work, who knopws you may open a store over here?!

Best wishes,

Sandie xx