Thursday, January 14, 2010

Have A Heart!!!!

Our Magical & original Mermaids Girls made exclusively FOR VERBENA.. (Thanks to Ms. Jen the Gem) have arrived more beautiful then ever I thought by adding a heart would give it that heartfelt touch to generate some sales and to try to do something to help Haiti... in my own small way I will send a percentage of all my Valentine Items proceeds to the Haiti Relief Red Cross... it is a start to a very very difficult road ahead.
so please just comment or email me & I will send you a paypal or whatever works for you.
I will keep you posted to how much money we have donated.
Thank You God Bless you always


The Vintage Rabbit said...

How thoughful Laura!!! Jen always does a great job!!!


jen said...

What a wonderful idea!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy you're pleased with the "Girls"
It's nice to think that they will be doing such a good deed by being sold.
Breaks my heart to see all the children crying!!


LindaBarbara said...

I would love to see more of these beautiful mermaids and to get a little more information. Love your blog and this is such a thoughtful thing to do!