Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The SUN is shinning!!!

This morning when the sun finally came out my son said good morning sun time to get back from your vacation!!!! God Bless my Dante!!!! So for now I am trying to get a better shot of my these magical necklaces for you to see in brighter light.....Lately I have been doing some soul searching and really looking into what my true passion is & always has been.. not going into too many details I have decided to take a new fresh direction and will be incorporating all things healing for the body & soul. I will be posting more soon.
The Verbena Goddess necklaces ... I posted last week & am selling from my blog ..These are one of a kind semi precious stone pieces... All our prices are very affordable.

p.s. each necklace come with a detailed description of the stones their healing elements and wrapped beautifully in a handmade sack just for you. Want some love... try a little rose quartz ...
email dellaporta@cox.net... paypal accepted... limited quantities available.


dogfaeriex5 said...

beautiful pieces made with love...xo

Lynns Lovelies said...

I bet the sun never looked so beautiful! My family lives down in Tampa and has told me about all of the rain..

Laura, When you get a chance, please stop by my blog. I have an award for you!


gabrielle said...

Like the artist behind them!

windy angels said...

Fabulous pictures of the necklaces. I love how the sun shines through and the spectacular background.
Thanks for taking time to visit my blog and for commenting.