Thursday, April 30, 2009


You know when you laugh sooo hard you cry... I know that doesn't happen enough .. right well last night I was making a piece of jewelry and my son looked at this piece and said "mom what is that what are you making" well I looked at it with her crystal piece dangling and it came right to me... and said oh this is MRS. TINKLE... well Dante laughed so hard he couldn't stop... his laugh had me laughing and we couldn't stop saying MRS TINKLE... anyway here she is ... Frozen Charlotte's Great Aunt... made of hand painted porcelain beads, she spins & turns, back detail is just a cute as the front....button detail & rhinestone topper as her hat... her dangling vintage chandelier crystal is what gave her her name... we added a pink tulle scarf and may ad a tutu she hangs from a piece of pink silk cord.... anyway have a laugh I know you need one... I know my sense of humor can be odd... sometimes you just have to have a good laugh!!!!! There might be more of MRS TINKLE....let me know what you think!!!
Also I be added on a new blogg for all my items to sell... it will be up & running within a week... and...MRS. Tinkle is for sale... contact me for details... xooxxo laura


KeKe said...

Thats funny!

I cant wait to see your new webiste!!~

The French Bear said...

Dante is right, but she is cute!!! I can't help but chuckle too!! That must be such a nice time, laughing and making things with your son, what fun!!
I can't wait to see all the new things!!!
Margaret B

rochambeau said...

This is funny that you and Dante had fun at Mrs. Tinkle's expense. Me thinks she would most certainly approve!!
love to laugh till I cry too!