Sunday, April 26, 2009


Bonjour my feather friends... ... Verbena downtown Ocala took a little break from her nest & is now opened. If there is such a thing as Bloggers block I think I had it... I am back now & will share what is happening....As some of you may know I have expanded my little space now & occupy the lobby of the Historic Marion Block Building.... we have all new HANDMADE treasures.... jewelry.... candles like no other and some surprise products we are working on!!! We are also getting Verbena's Salon upstairs ready .... will be complete in a few weeks... the response has been very positive we would love to here from youl!!!! Contact me for details... I will take more pictures & post... I had a camera problem & am taking these picture with a broken one where I am pulling the lens out' I will get my new part this week.... anyway I just wanted to say hi.. I will be posting new items for sale this week... I am off to the beach today with my children to BREATH, RELAX and soak up the sun... I will check in later.. Kids are ready to go!!!! Don't forget to surround yourself with LOVE today, Breathe & live in the moment!!!! xoxoxoGod Bless....Laura


The French Bear said...

I'm so glad you have had a chance to rest, if that's what blogger's block will give you!! LOL I hope so, it nice to see your voice again!! Is this a bigger store?
I have to go check out the Paris bag, it looks inviting!!!
Margaret B

sandra Lee said...

I am so happy you are back and hopefully rested. Congrats on opening your new space, it looks very sweet. I look forward to more photos when you can...stay happy!

KeKe said...

Laura, I *have* to stop in there on my next trip down to Florida. Which should be in June. Can't wait!

The French Bear said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments!! I am so grateful for each and every friend I make on my blog! I love your blog and I am sure I would buy everything in your store if I could!!! Even your name is so perfect, good choice!
I don't have anything for sale yet, I do sell them, but I still don't have my web page running properly. I need my son's help but he is too busy. I think I can sell from my blog but I am not sure!!
Margaret B
p.s. Your son looks so cute, is he selling some of his treasures or just looking at them? That is so neat that he loves to collect like you!!!

KayEllen said...

Hope you had a fun time at the beach today.
I went for a bike ride as my daughter ran her heart she does every day:)
She has her last track meet of the season on Wednesday:)
We all need recharge time with the kiddos..
also helps me get ready for Monday..

off to laundry!


jen said...

You look great, and so do my mermaids!!!
Congratulations on the expansion!
Dante looks adorable!