Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A lavabo is a device used to provide water for the washing of hands. It consists normally of a ewer or container of some kind to pour water, and a bowl to catch the water as it falls off the hands. In ecclesiastical usage it refers to both the basin in which the priest washes his hands and the ritual that surrounds this action in the Eucharist. In secular usage, it refers to a sink for washing hands; the room in which it is kept is the lavatory.
I have been wanting one of these for a long time... as I was leaving an antique shop I spotted this piece on the garden wall... mmm how much is that oh the lady said you can have that for $60.00 SOLD!!!!! what should I do put it outside my front door filled with pretty geraniums???? or HOW ABOUT FILLED WITH FRENCH SOAP & LAVENDER IN A BATHROOM THAT HAS A CLAW TUB... MMMMM... OH MAYBE ONE DAY.. Let me know what you think.


Cindy Forrester said...

I absolutely love it, how cool is that and I love the bottle rack too!!!! You made some good deals. Your flowers will be lovely in the Lavabo:):) You are doing some cool things can't wait to see them.

xoxoxo Cindy

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

You're going to laugh... I've got one of these too. It's filled with geraniums and a remembrance marker from France. Can't wait to see your lavabo filled to the brim!