Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have been wanting to do a give away for quite sometime now & what better time then Valentine's Day... right... One of my favorite things to do is to give gifts & bring happiness to others around way of saying Thank you to all the sweet & creative bloggers who have become my friends though kind words & beautiful pictures.. Thank you for all your inspiration, humor & words of wisdom. I know I am a little quirky but I love to do everything in three's and love roses, I am giving away the following gifts for you... THREE items choose ONE.. leave a post next to the one you would like to have and just write a little something about one of the best things that happened to you this past week..mmm something to think about...xoxoxo laura
Drawing for each item will be on Valentine's Day I will post the names selected that evening!!!


rochambeau said...

Hi Laura,
Your blog looks terrific!!
Thank you for the opportunity to express the thing I'm most grateful for today. My mom has cancer, a rare kind. In a sense, this condition is a battle, but why she continues to win is her go with the flow attitude. At the doctors we must focus on it, but at home she doesn't, so I don't either. She lives her life with dignity. She is smart and motivated and gorgeous.

Here is the blessing....It is God's grace to see us though this part of our lives with joy!!


sandra Lee said...

Hi there Laura...thanks for stopping by my blog. Aren't those the dreamiest houses??? There are in the Bird Rock/La Jolla area of San Diego. When Spring comes the gardens are to die for. I have to say that all of your giveaways are so adorable, can't pick a favorite...I am grateful for the days I walk at the Bay and say good morning to perfect strangers. It is such a great feeling to put a smile on someones face just by greeting them!

paisley peacock said...

so glad you found me...your rose necklaces looked so familiar to me & i now realize i have seen them oh so many times on miss andreas gorgeous site!

Marie Antionette said...

Laura,just stoped by to say hello.I have not blogged much of late.I hope you are doing well.Your blog as always is wonderful.My blessing is having the friends I've met on this blog.I've never would have gotton though some of my illness with ya'll.May God bless you Marie Antionette

Couture de Papier said...

Flip Flops?! I won't be wearing those till June Ugh! You miss snow?! Nice for Xmas but thats it for me! I still walk the beach even though it is freezing! I am psyched about account with shop in Illinois.I hope she does well.She compared my work to Bethany Lowe.Never heard of her till she sent me a link.are you opening web store? I would have called but had to switch to local calling because of heat and electric bill this winter..Yikes! I think I lost your email addy? Well have fun today in the sunshine!! LOL Denise

jenny holiday said...

Hi Laura!!
I just have to tell you..I LOVE your rose necklaces! Sooo pretty! So happy you popped by my blog!! I'll be visiting you often!!

Happy New Year!!!
XOXO Jenny Holiday