Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello my dear feathered friends...for those of you who are not on facebook, instagram or somewhere out there in social media land, well then if I am lucky maybe you landed here again on this old blog again. It's like you have to go to so many places to communicate with the outside world...remember when it just use to be a phone call or  writing a nice sweet note to a friend or loved one? I know some of you still do. I love beautiful cards and love to send them off with the gifts I make.
I also love when great things just happen out of the blue..and that's just what happened ..it's like the heavens opened up one morning and I started to paint these sweet, whimsy ethereal birds.

                  It started with this sweet bird above that I have named "rejoicing in the clouds"

                       then along came the ever popular Ms. violet sporting her stylish bonnet

                                        and every ones favorite world traveler..blue eyed Sue!!!!

                           these are just some of the birds that I have created from my heart
                           every bird has a special name and meaning.

                           If you love them and would love to but a print, a framed print I am making in salvaged old barn wood or a note card collection beautifully packaged,  I will have them available this Friday night at art walk and also my etsy site... feel free to message me with any requests. I will also be offering them wholesale as I have already taken retail shop orders.
This is just the beginning of something great to come...to be continued.

I am very grateful for this sweet blessing that has come to me would love to share it with you...xoxoLaura


Debra Hadrian said...

Hi Laura...so lovely and sweet too!!! Just Beautiful paintings!I know you must have many birds out in the country where you live to get this wonderful inspiration.God's Paradise on earth uh. That was the very reason why I love where I live the sweet tweeting song birds all around me every day. I wake to them and listen well into sunset. I wish you much with this lovely creation. xo Debra

martinealison said...

Mon ami Léo le toucan et moi-même nous aimons beaucoup votre ami emplumé...
De belles nuances de couleurs.
Gros bisous

Sherry "Edie" & Marie Antionette said...

Hello Laura,
I've decided to vist some of my old blog favs.like you I'm on Facebook and doing the Etsy thing.my Friend Sherry from Edie Marie's attic and I have teamed up on my old Blog.

Your pictures are stunning.I raise Peacocks, so I appreciate these beautiful paintings.Such beautiful work.
May God Bless,
Marie Antoinette

Sherry "Edie" & Marie Antionette said...

What adorable characters! You're a wonderful artist. They look like springtime... exactly what we need.

Have a great week!
Sherry & Marie

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura. I LOVE your new Olivia Rosa wreath cup. Is it on your Etsy site? Thanks.

Rita said...

Laura the birds are adorable! Ciao Rita