Saturday, December 8, 2012

A favorite vintage treasure

Hi my blogging friend! I just wanted to post something I would like to share and I am excited vintage wooden crates!
I have been selling crates in the store for some time but over the last few months I am become a supplier to many across the country. I don't know what is is about old wood crates but I have been drawn to them as far back as I can remember. I think my first love was the small cheese crates. I still have it. Crates have so many uses...especially to store and display some of your favorite treasures.
They are perfect for kids rooms, garden rooms, retail shop displays, kitchen counter tops, any table top, bathroom, closets,...endless ideas. I also love the way the French nordic homes display and use them ( shown in a previous post)
I have been wanting to share some of my ideas with you but have been super busy with the next week I am setting aside a crate afternoon to create some of those ideas and share. I think everyone should have at least one vintage crate. Don't you?
There are many different type of vintage crates out there.
These blueberry crates I have purchased and been selling for quite some time in my store and have recenty started to sell them on line...who know they would be so popular..even Rachel Ashwell has them now.she sells them for $125.00 with a beautiful Shabby Chic liner. mine are just primitive and plain no liner I will leave that up to you.
 vintage wood in the coolest chalky shades. they come with dividers that can be many great uses.I will be sharing some project here next week.
These are the current customer favorites mine too.
nothing like the real patina of weathered old wood
you can go here to order these are the current favorites
 or just swing by the store for pick up.
these crates are very sturdy all have metal trim for knocking around, handles & some of the original lettering none have been painted all original.
if you are interested in one crate or many crates please feel free to contact me via email I just love them I would love to share my cool finds with you.
xo Laura
or stop by our downtown store
44 SE First Ave ( Marion Block Building)
Ocala's Original opera house
Ocala Florida
Get your crate & start creating!


Burlap Luxe said...

Love those boxes, I too have a thing fore them. I won't blame you if you want to keep them all. I know I would have a hard time letting go of them :)


~Sheri~ said...

our small Christmas tree is sitting in a vintage coca cola crate this year.....its one of my favorite trees so far!

Cindy said...

I love em too. I used to drag them out of the dump and take them home, and everyone thought i was crazy. I wish i still had my crates, so i'm going over to your shop and check yours out!


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Oh I am loving your crates! I am interested in some though your link isn't working to your Etsy Shop.I will email you~Cheers Kim