Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Sacred Little Space...

Every creative soul needs a sacred space where they can go. my sacred spaces have always been  my garage  that I cluttered & messed up , ... my old living room ( seen here on my side bar) here on the farm I created  a small studio space in the sitting area in my bedroom.. oh bad fueg shui!!! This creative mess has taken over that area & now most of my kitchen Island.. dining room...I can no longer work this way...So after many nights praying for finding a small shed to put all this stuff in the man upstairs answered my prayers... we are building a real studio.. one that hopefully will not blow away..working with materials that are available here on the farm & some salvaged I am sharing & will keep you up to date as my sacred space progresses...who knows I might just move in!
this lovely corner inspires me ( j d arch)
I will make a beautiful garden on the side.. this is my little garden for now.
lets go
as of today
put the kids to work!!!
 Olivia learning how to bull float the concrete some inspiration below...
love the windows
so sweet I can small the roses
love rustic too
little gypsy space would make me happy..
big Gypsy space makes me real happy!
one of my favorite spaces is the conservatory in Practical Magic  you know  their shops name was Verbena

I will keep you posted as my special sacred space progresses....they are calling me outside...aahhh..back to work in the heat. xo Laura


Our Back Porch said...

That is going to be fabulous! Can't wait to see it when it's finished! Have a most lovely day, and stay hydrated outside!

Waving from Our Back Porch,

kerrie of sea cottage said...

I have to tell you how truly grateful I am that you took the time to stop by my blog and let me know that you are happy with my notecards. I am grateful because it has lead me to your blog and to the beginning of a friendship. I so look forward to getting to know you! I love your space here and your life story. Love your children's names...they swoon my heart. You are a beautiful soul. ox

Thespa McLaughlin said...

I'm feeling your pain girl. I'm building my studio at this time too. Hubby and I actually got the entire roof finished, shingles too. Yeah! My kids already hate the place, LOL. Now it seams like everything is going in slow motion. I'm so close I can't stand it and I so want to get to the point where I can move in, but alas. It's a test of patience. I've waited 4 years for this, waiting a few more weeks shouldn't be that bad....right?
Good luck!

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Sweetie!!!
It has been awhile since we visited.I'm glad you stoped by.Now I can see what you are up to...LOL Alot of work a for sure.It will all be worth it though. I know its going to be a beauyiful studieo. You have such a flair.Like Rebecca siad its going to be....FABULOUS...and I can't wait.
Have a wonderful Summer,
XXOO Marie Antionette

The Cloth Shed said...

Thank you for your kind comment...
Off to have a look around your lovely blog now, following too!
Julie x

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Laura!!
I am in love with your new addition to your keeping your rubble, clutter, and all that you create and inspire contained in one place, hopefully right:)

I will be excited to see how it turned out, Make it cute I may move into it as well :)
Love your inspiration photos.

Little Leslie said...

Laura, thanks for coming to my blog. and, thanks for the nice compliments. I'm happy that you are also getting a studio. My friend and I ,as posted, will be doing art very soon. We're thrilled too. Have a great week, your newest follower,
Leslie (Luluboo)

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Laura,
Kerrie has become a dear friend as well. you my dear are my first love :) LOL! what would I have done without you when you helpped me tread through the muck of blogging LOL and our late night 1:00 am calls to each other.

I can see there is enough room in the shed for a cot or 2 so make room and I will help you de-clutter! My daughter and I have become pro's at it, enough damage to ones life makes you a pro you know what I mean.

Take everything out of your home and only bring in the grand conversation pieces, adding a few filler pieces and you much needed daily wares. Less is more my friend and sell off all the other things so you are not tempted to bring them back in...The extra Moo-lah $$$ will cater to the new treasured finds that fit your need for what you are creating for your designs in your peaceful simple home.

Dang girl I so wish I were there, what crazy fun we would have together, and soothing our anxiety souls :)

love yah girl!!