Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summertime roses in blooom

bonjour... hope everything is rosie in your neck of the woods...just listed some new treasures in my etsy shop..I have been really just staring to get into etsy & had no idea how much work it is to upload etc... how do you big sellers do it. It is a full time job.. anyway come for a visit...
can not make enough of these...many request to make more... The Olivia Rose... new summertime colors always a classic
                                          summer coral roses a new version made for you...
so as the Summer breeze warms my soul this afternoon, I thank you all for your support & good wishes.. life is good & busy here on the farm. Mom is hanging in there, kids are finished with school & I am just doing what I love.....making stuff, a mess, gardening with Dante, & trying to stay cool in this sweltering heat.
xoxox Laura
P.S. well not doing everything I cleaning..raising teenagers... xoxoxo


Shabbylishious said...

Your roses are very pretty. Wonder what material you use to make the ones on the first picture. They are very pretty.
I have a give away now where roses are the prizes,perhaps you like to join?

Rebecca said...

Hi my sweet
How is everything? I hope well.
Your creations are lovely as always just as you are.
Blessings this fathers day I hope he is well