Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Come take a trip with me

Hi blogging buddies & dear friends from afar. I have not been into blogging like I use to & lately I am still in a funk. Don't know what is going on. I have had this sinus/head thing that will not go away. Must be my body telling me something. Some times for some of us I guess our hearts & bones just need a break from the computer world . Lately all I have been doing is lots of cooking & just taking care of the home front.
For my friends who have asked for me to share some pictures from my trip here they are.
This is a picture taken in Longmont Colorado 20 mins away from my dads home.. Having some time to myself on Sunday I decided to call K.C. Willis to say hi & see if she had any workshops going on.....a book making class....and it turned out to be the most perfect day. There is something very special about driving on a quiet Sunday morning ( when no one is on the road) in the snowfall knowing you are going to a magical place where you can create all day.
K.C. Willis is not only a true & original artist but has that special kindness & giving heart you can feel when you are around her. Anyone who has taken her workshop knows just what I mean. You must try to make a visit out West one day & treat your self to take a workshop. There is a possibility she will be coming here to Ocala in the future.... something we are working on but for now I am sharing some pictures of my trip with you.....
so excited to be here!

This is the cover of my book I am very inspired by the old Victorian Western days & the strong wild woman at the time. I worked with golds, browns & greens. Lots of antique lace my favorite.

Victorian boudoir lady

this is Pretty Nose a Cheyenne Indian girl. I love her.
K.C. taught me many great techniques.


I apologize for not having the links & names to the ladies who made these beautiful books feathured below.

a book of angels....

do a little dance.... make a little art.... get down today!

I love this piece K.C. husband created out of salvaged wood from the Colorado fires. All their art can be purchased through the gallery. go visit.http://studioretreats.ning.com/profile/KCWillis

Picket fence never looked better

K.C.talking with the lovely ladies who came to visit & take her weekend workshop. I wish I could fit this cross in my suitcase.

Artwork by K.C. all made with elements from the Colorado fires & her signature fabric scraps.

beautiful mixed fabrics on salvaged wood.

amazing lace K.C. purchased at Santa Fe New Mexico. I love this piece.

yea snow day!!!

It doesn't get any better then this. Astral Circus one of my favorite works of art by my father.

a special spot in my dads studio.

my beautiful & very sweet half sister Celene traveled all the way from Vienna.. it was great spending time together.

a s I look at the window above...I think & dream of what a bittersweet trip I had. I count my blessings, look up & trust knowing everything will be O.K. xoox Laura


*The Beautiful Life* said...

You know what, Laura? I have many thoughts and comments about this incredible post. And some how, all I want to leave here is this: you are brave, you are strong, and you are LOVED. :)


Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Laura,
I would have loved o have taken this class with you...I have wanted to make a fabric book I just might try one my way and figure it out along the way :)

Loved everything about this post, anything that has to do with decorating or creating is up my ally.

I hope you get a grip on the sinus problem, steam the sinus' often and keep them moist for drainage.

Get yourself to the health food store I am sure they will hook ypu up :)

Thank you for sharing :)
Big get well hugs

Burlap Luxe said...

Ooooh! and I so agree with Ruth at "The Beautiful Life"

"You are a Brave Soul to Love"


Andrea Singarella said...

I hope you are feeling like yourself soon Laura.
Sending hugs.....

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Laura,
I miss you Girl!!!
Hey when I try to email you your emails are returning to me undeliverable :)

Maybe I deleted part of your email addie:

So send me an up date on your home addie and email addie.


Your dear friend.

Thank you for your beautiful comment over at my place.


sandra said...

I hope you are feeling better. Spring will soon be here and it is time for renewal... Love your snowy photos. Blessings to you.

Healing Woman said...

What a beautiful post. The class looked so exciting. Love the French Mail bag and of course, your dad's Astral Circus is fabulous. Trips like the one you took are often bittersweet. You are not alone.

Til next time~
Warm Wishes,