Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Best New Treasure!!!

As you know Fifi is my most favorite lady on the planet...there is no one like her... shall I list some of her best qualities...lets see now...these are just a few

best & kindest heart
the best style & taste
best editor on the Planet
best decorated nest located here in Florida
best decorated little guest house
and now the best new book!!!!
she really is just the best and she is also known as the the French Angel... the best French Angel

I am thrilled to announce & blog that Fifi has created her first book titled.. Romantic Prairie Style!!!! Look at the cover picture I can not wait to get my copy!!!! This will be the best new treasure to add to your collection... just like her!!!
Please be sure to preorder here


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Love it, love you, Laura and love Fifi. You know I agree, she's the best for so many reasons you listed so wonderfully.

We are definitely kindred spirits in the love of all things Fifi. Here's to the Best New Treasure!

LizlovesVintage said...

I thought I was your Fav lady!! Ha, Ha! I saw this. Can't wait to get a copy. Hugs, Liz

Rebecca said...

Hi Sweet Girl
How are you?
I have been nutso busy but slowing down a little right now.
We nubby and I are on a road trip right now, taking my mom to her home state So Dakota, for a visit. Will be back in Chicago around the 24th
I hope all is good with you
Your blog looks great!
What have you been up to
Many blessings

Burlap Luxe said...

HI Laura girl,
Well my dear you are my favotite, and FiFi is right up there with you:)

I am so down to get her book, I am going to the book store and see if it is in...I have to take a peak at the book and I am sure it will be coming home with me!!

Laura dear how are you doing, are the kids adjusting to there new home? and how about you?
Wish I was there to help you out, and we could go shop for a little inspiration.
Thank you Laura, for reminding us about fifi's book :)

Rita said...

Buongiorno Laura,
thank you for your comment. We'll see how the crossed do this coming weekend. Love always to hear from you and have you input. Can't wait for Fifi's book! Have a great weekend. Ciao Rita