Monday, May 17, 2010


Verbena Bird here checking in from the Sunshine state... on this rainy Monday.. today I was supposed to meet up with a friend on the Saint Johns River.. but our date got canceled due to the stormy weather so I have been home making jewelry today & shipping out some new orders. Oh & I am thinking of all of you.. hope everyone is great!
The Ocala Organic Food & film festival was a lot of work but we had a terrific turnout & I got to meet so many new & interesting people. Some of the movies shown I highly recommend for you to check out.. you will see the food you eat in a whole new way... good luck.

Academy Award-nominated "Food Inc." will be shown at 11:00 a.m. "Food Inc." is an eye-opening documentary that exposes the underbelly of large-scale industrial farming, the source of 97% of our food. Rated PG. Preview: (Click on “Watch the Trailer” about halfway down the left side)
* "The Future of Food," at 1:00 p.m., is an excellent expose of genetically modified food. "The Future of Food" takes viewers inside the web of market and political forces that are causing our supermarkets to be stocked with Frankenfoods. The film also exposes how huge multinational corporations are seeking to control the world’s food system. Rated G. Preview:
* At 3:00, "What's Organic About Organic?" will take viewers on a heartening visual field-trip to organic, chemical-free farms. This uplifting, 60-minute film will be introduced by its co-producer, Marty Mesh, who is the director of Florida Organic Growers. FOG will be present at the Festival all day to educate attendees about organic food, farming and certification. Rated G. Preview:

here is a peek of some of the "nested treasures" I had at my booth...

My personal favorite item.. hand embroidered tapestry style belts.. sized to fit. looks great with a tee & jeans one of my customers stopped by wearing one with an all white cotton shirt & tee loaded up with turquoise jewelry!!!! Love it!!!!
Tie one on... your wrist.. the prettiest & loveliest wrist bands made exclusively for us! We have a beautiful assortment of bracelets avail in the store.. so lightweight for summer and addiction to wear. Contact me for purchase as website gal is still MIA.

Vivian wearing some of my necklaces made for the show.

part of my little booth area.. a peek of some of my "nested treasures" wish you were here to visit.
The answer my friend... is blowing in the wind...windy day but the tape holding everything down keep it all together... we had a lot of fun.
Always saving the best for last... the Gorgeous Sally Sunshine .. an angel on this earth & always strolling along in Verbena Accessories! Thank you for stopping by Miss Sally we love you!


sissie said...

Everything that you make is amazingly beautiful. The belts, the wrist roses, the handbags, the's all lovely.

I sure wish that I could have been there.


Burlap Luxe said...

Hello Laura,
It looks like you had alot of fun and all and all it all came together right!
Vivian looks marvelous in your jewls!!!
Really I would want to buy one or two everything.

How are you doing girl!
Hope all is really great with you :)

xx Dore
PS. Come over see my signs I have painted, you will love the words and the birds!!

Healing Woman said...

Classy looking booth and model! Glad the show was a success.

Delcie said...

Lovely eye candy -wish I could have been there! you are very creative- just me 'cup of tea'- love the bird nested in the cup on your sidebar too!

purplepaint said...

Hi Laura! I love your blog! I was just wondering if you still have any of those spoon bracelets left? I was going to make my own but just haven't had time... Thanks, Marva