Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Knock Knock #2.

O.K. my feathered friends.. remember out favorite nest the one I discovered In Amelia Island (how can you forget) scroll down if you are visiting for the first time a must see...well we had another family trip this weekend & I went back to that Sweet Salvaged house.. but no one was in the nest.... however I did find out the lady who's name I think is Carol has a store in Ga.. so what does a loyal Junker/blogger do... get in the car & leave skid marks & find that place! Fast...that's just what we did while the X husband took the kids to the beach..my mom, step dad & I took a ride into Ga.. Yes you got it, I talked them into driving up to Ga.. and let me tell you it was worth the drive...I wish I had more time to write but I will just get to the point.. After searching up & down the road we finally found it! The place was closed & it looked as if no one has been there for quite some time I think it's because Carol is moving her shop to her Home.. remember the back of her house I guess all this is going there.... so from My Nest to Yours... ENJOY this Feathered Nest I am in love with & think you will too!!!

My beautiful & very special mom Edie.. we had a great time together... birds of a feather!
Side of our favorite little nest.
This over grown nest is just too sweet for words.
I am not sure of the history of this house looks like it was an old school house at one time.
A beautiful stroll down this path is just what we need.
keep walking my feathered friends...

Oh My!!! Outside peering in...my camera takes pretty good pictures pressed up against the glass.
Jardin Heaven.. a little shabby from no tlc but still amazing in person.
Back veranda... porch...patio

back view

God bless this nest!
some more good old stuff.
My mom wanted that gate... so did I.. like mother like daughter.
Love this old fountain. love it all.
Good Bye for now my favorite new place... there really isn't any thing better besides you.. except Maybe Fifi's guest house! All the way home my mom & I could not stop talking about what an amazing place she created & how we wished she was opened.. My step day thinks we are nuts & all this is junk... Ha ha ha he has no idea how obsessed we are with all of this... till next time I promise I will go back & get inside her home & new nest...It really is amazing in person so much to see..hope you enjoyed one of many Knock Knocks to come. xoxo Verbena Girl


Healing Woman said...

So very enchanting!

sissie said...

I would have cried all the way home being that close to something so fantastic and not being able to get inside!!!

The little nest is so enchanting and would be wonderful to explore.

I hope you get to go back again when she's open.



Rebecca said...

Hi Sweetie
Fantastic! That's all I have to say...
How fun to explore and I can't believe you went to GA to find her. You are too funny girl!
Hope you have a great evening.

Burlap Luxe said...

you have way to much fun! Not fair at all, well I guess it's fair since you are sharing :)

I would be pounding that door down and then apologizing for breaking in and explaining how I was insanely taken with there place.

Forgivable right???

See you soon Laura dear :)


Bella said...

Oh how delightful! and how fun to have a Mom who share your passion!

pedalpower said...

wow! What a fabulous place...thanks for taking us along!

Prior said...

Great little place with lovlies inside! Lezlee

Debby said...

WOW!!! Your blog is amazing, so glad to have found you.