Monday, March 15, 2010

Cowgirl Wedding Necklaces!

Thank you all for such great & positive feedback... I have decided to roundup the Cowgirl Wedding Necklaces and get creative creating them in creamy/natural shades & mixing them with natural elements..shells, pearls wood etc...I really am into these. I think you will love the new & improved version... this was just the start..I will post new pictures as I make them. If you like I will do any color for you ..I think the first batch of colors below are a little too bright for me? The medallion will hit like 3 inches below the neck with an adjustable tie. email me for details if you would like one. Lots of hand sewing ( what I love to do) cost is $38.00 with shipping.. xo Laura


jen said...

Very pretty...

Looks like fun to do!


French Cupboard said...

I just adore mine! Thanks for such a sweet gift, Laura. Blessings... Polly