Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Verbena Girl here...I can't believe the Holidays are right around the corner... and I can't believe I am posting a Holiday Picture this early... but I just love this time of year & though why not get in the spirit a little early this year!!!! Lets start sending out Happy Holidays thoughts & good cheer to all!!! There is enough sadness & stress around so lets get this party started!!!
***** I will be featuring & posting my moms out of this world Gourmet shop... Edie Gourmet... and posting pictures this week.. you will love it.... see ya around town. xoox Laura


Rebecca said...

I need all the inspiration I can get...I have started playing Christmas music to try and put me in the spirit of things, so I can get things done!

sandra Lee said...

My mom was an incredible cook and we are all missing her wonderful meals and baking since she passed away in April...I am really going to miss Christmas dinner at her house but to make light of this post...we all called my mom "Edie Gourmet". So funny, I remember your moms name is Edie and I love it!!!!

Vintage Blue Studio said...

I'm with you on this one. I already whipped up my first Christmas ornament and posted it on my blog. I'm also having a giveaway to start off this holiday season.