Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic RETURNS!!!!

I am truly a loyal fan of Rachel Ashwell & the Shabby Chic style. For some reason I have always been drawn to shades of white, faded elegance and all that yummy crumply stuff as far back as I can remember but when I first discovered the Shabby Chic style I was hooked. When I heard the exciting news that her new book will be out soon I had to share this with my blogging buddies... As we know Shabby Chic closed it's doors this past year and it has also been a rough year with Rachael loosing her Mum but as we know when God closes one door he opens go Girl!!!! Here's to all the Rachael Ashwell fans!!! ... Hope you are enjoying your summer... busy here working away. xoxo Laura


Rhonda Roo said...

I'm so pleased to meet you! My mom lives in dunnellon (we used to live in the National Forest, across the ocklawaha bridge) and i went to vanguard high school! But now I am all grow up (sorta) with 2 (pretty grown) boys and my "Cowboy" and we live in the teeny {antiques} town of Havana 18 miles north of tallahassee (except in the country, you know, dirt road off of a dirt road off of a paved road) and I am so excited to find your blog! I cannot wait 'til your online shop is up and running! I l*o*v*e* the pieces i see on the sidebar...and I cant wait til you post pics of your house....and your expanded store! Next time I'm at mom's i am so coming to visit!
Your family is lovely, your mom doesnt look a day over, er, 40, and I am so excited (did I mention) to find you!
Do you go to round top? I want to go!
OK I'm spamming you..sorry ☺
what I mean is --Keep Calm and Carry on ...and
(wink wink)
Have a lovely day!

rochambeau said...

Dear Laura,
First thank you and your bro for the Pikolino's info! Found them~stunning!

Second, I didn't know Rachel Ashwell's mom had passed away. Once I saw her parents on her tv program. They were both lovely.

That her talent has evolved into her new book, is exciting! I will check it out!

You have a shop ~ I admire you! Retail, most people have no IDEA what all is involved, but it is something many people wish they had, I think.

Happy Sunday!

dogfaeriex5 said...

white crispness is so so beautiful, i love it also...take care sweet one...xo

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Summer breezes to you kindred gal! Blessings, too.

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi Laura,
That is so wonderful to hear. Being a woman in business myself, my heart goes out to her. She is an amazing lady. I am sure she will come out of this (I think she already has), more fabulous then ever.
Big Hugs...

jen said...

I've always loved her!!

Can't wait to check out her book!!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I love all the pretties in this post!!

When you get a chance, please stop by my blog...I have a little surprise for you...
Can't wait to chat with you, just call when you get a chance!


oldflowers4me said...

i will try and get a copy of her book...

Rebecca said...

Hello Laura,
Guess it is a sign of the times even with Rachell. I used to sell to her before she came out with her first book...I have a lot of pillows and antiques in her first and second book. Might have to pick up her new book and see what she is doing now.
Take care

Jeanneoli said...

This is such good news because I love her things and her style. I am hoping things are turning around for her.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! thats alot of work..I did a Mary mosaic sorta over my sink in a place I use to live I have a pic.I am glad you opened an etsy shop too.