Monday, May 4, 2009


My Grandmother to this day is my biggest inspiration... she has always given me the special love, lots & lots of laughs, spiritual Faith & strength I needed most growing up.... I miss her sooo much...My grandmother also know as Nanny Sarah was an orphan (she lost her mother at birth)... ... she would say to me... "I never had anyone to call mom...just remember you have your own life but only have ONE mother".... This has always stayed with me... so Thank you Nanny for having my special mom and giving me someone I can call mom ... Remember we only have One Mother in this life... let her know today you love her no matter what... she may not be here tomorrow....I love you Happy Mothers Day!!!! xoxoxo laura


sandra Lee said...

Laura, I can't tell you how IMPORTANT it is to spend special moments with your mom. I lost mine less than a month ago and miss her more than anyone can imagine. We were very close and spent so many happy times together. She was my inspiration in life and she taught me the true meaning of love. She would tell us kids that she couldn't give us a lot in material things or money but she could ALWAYS give us all the love we ever needed. And she did. She truly is my angel now and I will celebrate her this Mothers Day the best I know how. Blessings to you and your mom and your grandma.

KeKe said...


I have an award for you over at my blog!!

jen said...

Oh, I miss my Grandma so much!
She always made me feel like I could do anything!!
Whenever zi create a special treasure, I know that she's watching me.
Happy Mothers day to you!


rochambeau said...

What a beautiful post Laura! You were blessed to have Nanny Sarah. She was a rare person. She found a way to blossom, even as an orphan and she remained sweet at heart. Well Nanny S. certainly lucked out by having a granddaughter like you!!
Happy Mother's Day!
I salute you!
You are a special soul.
With love,

Elma said...

Laura what a wonderful post. I hope if you don't mind use your words for something I am doing?? Have a wonderful mothers day and to your mom and grandma. You are wonderful!!!

Beth Quinn said...

hi Laura !! lovely post ! I miss my grandma so much ! she definitely was my inspiration and made me feel special -
Hope you have the loveliest mothers day !!!! take some time for you !