Thursday, February 5, 2009

In the nest...

If I were a Birdie...
If I were a birdie I would sing you a song
And have you come play with me all day long
But now I am busy making a mess
working & creating treasures for my nest..
So come back in a while and I will sing you a song
of all sweet things I've been making all night long! xoxoxo Laura

It's freezing here in Ocala Florida record breaking tempatures.. there is no heat In the store & my little space heater is not helping... so I will be here in my cozy nest working & baking... Verbena will reopen tomorow. xoxoxo laura


sandra Lee said...

That is the cutest poem and bottle I have ever seen! I love anything having to do with sweet birds...I hope you are warm today.

jen said...

Laura, that's really cute!
And the poem is perfect!!
Stay warm!!


Maija said...

We almost made a record here in Phoenix- it the hottest it's been since 1985 or something! It's 83!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'm not convinced! It looks warm in the photo!
Love your creation :) and poetry :)

Anonymous said...

Loving your birdie bottles!
Hope you are staying warm! Looks like a hot toddie might be in order! It aint spring yet! Hehe hee!