Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My mom Edie..

This is my mom Edie... she was so excited when I called her today & said I would stop by to take some pictures of her new home and post them on my blog. Anyone who knows my mom just Loves her ( including me) she has such great energy... she is very warm, funny, witty and extremely talented... she has alway been a frustrated decorator ( like me) as far as I can remember.. always moving around furniture, redecorating and collecting hundreds of books... anyway I thought it would be fun to see what she has created as I know we can never get enough of decorating pictures... I would say her style is warm, sofiscated & eclectic take a peek at Edie's place let me know what you think I will pass the comments on to her... Keep in mind I only took a few shots as the house is not completely finished.. I will post more pictures of the bedrooms, gardens etc... soon xooxo Laura

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