Sunday, December 7, 2008

Passion For Putti's

The putto (pl. putti) is a figure of a pudgy human baby, almost always male, often naked and having wings, found especially in Italian Renaissance art. The figure derives from Ancient art but was "rediscovered" in the early Quattrocento. These images are frequently, and erroneously, confused with cherubim.[1]

I have always had a passion for these sweet little angels.. I have a few special ones.. this one is over my bed. If you have any putti's I wold love for you to share your photos.. xoxox Laura

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Southern Fried Cupcakes~ said...


The Bunnies are adorable!!!
I love plush anything, especially rag dolls, bunnies & bears.
I own no Putti's but wish I did. The display over your bed is dreamy!!
I'm going to e-mail you in regards to the comment you left on my page regarding the Cinderella shirt. I look forward to working with you~Your style is alot like mine!!

talk to you soon, Kelly