Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Dad Robert Venosa...Love him sooo much

One of the best days visiting California was driving up the cost ( listening to Adele purchased at Gianetti Home I might add) going to see my father Robert Venosa & his beautiful wife Martina Hoffman. I am very very proud of my dad.. check out his work he is a world known visionary artist www.venosa.com as well as his wife www.martinahoffman.com you will be amazed.
I will never forget this day I was so happy being with them. I took a quiet walk along the beach by myself, collected rocks for my children, stopped at a local fish market located right off the beach.. we had an incredible dinner... a time I will cherish...life seems to be going faster these days.. I don't know when I will see them again... They sent these pictures to me tonight I wanted to share them with you. xoxox Laura ( please take note... what's the heck is up with my bag?)


Sea Angels said...

How special and how lucky are you. My beloved father died when I was 3 so I never had the sharing of life with him.Which I should have loved. So when I see people with their dads I am so pleased for them because it is so very special.
Thankyou for your great comment and have fun with your daddy.
Love and Hugs Lynn xx

Maija said...

You dad's work is very cool. It's wonderful to read about your affection for him. And how nice for you to have a little down time!

Jolee Jane said...

Hi laura-
Love you blog, and your amazingly beautiful rose necklaces, such treasures!
So happy to hear your daughter has enjoyed receiving her cupcake- I am so happy we had the opportunity to meet

Linda Crispell said...

What a wonderful blog!!! Thank you for visiting me, your necklaces are extraordinary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and for your lovely comment! I love wallpapers tucked inside drawers, cabinets and closets too---it's such a lovely surprise every time you open them!

It looks like you had a smashing time visiting your dad and his wife---Southern California is so lovely this time of year too!

Anne @ The City Sage