Thursday, October 2, 2008


What is it about chippy old rusty iron...I have issues.. I am on a mission to declutter my home, refresh my look, and get rid of what I don't use... (I love Rachael Ashwell's new look have you seen it)..however I can not and will not let go of my rust..I see all these beautiful high end homes that are clutter free & elegantly put together... but I just can't seem to get that look...or do I even want it? It's the stuff, the vignettes of it all... I am trying to get rid of most of it...Everywhere I look rusty stuff...pots, urns, tables, fixtures...Is it in the genes? Was I a welder in a past life? Am I lacking iron in my diet? where does this passion come from...can anybody out there tell me... I have piles of rusty furniture in my yard, on my porch all over...really it's time to let go ...thanks for listening!!!

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teresa sheeley said...

I love your rust! That's a great piece you have.