Saturday, October 11, 2008

The First Pink Pumpkin!!!!

Who ordered this pumpkin anyway??? Rachael Ashwell or Cinderella??? They are in demand and here is were you can get one.. Please let me know what you think..


bari said...

That is a must have! Also... love your necklaces. Andrea's shop is to die for too!

Maija said...

Fabulous!! I'd love to have one!

jenny holiday said...

Ooooh Love them!!!! I saw some pink pumpkins over on Sweetpeas & Snapshots...but they were more bumpy....I'd hate to say think they may have been gourds. These are so so pretty!!

Thanks bunches for your email!!! I was actually born in Hackensack!! :) I have a favorite Uncle in Little Ferry! :)

I LOOOVE your Oiliva Rose collection!! Just so so pretty. Wonderful work.

So great to meet you!!!

I'll be bepopping in often.

Love from the Jersey Shore,
xoxo Jenny

Fleur de Bee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! We actually have a farm up North here that grows them! This one is amazing. I will ask them if they sell the seeds and maybe do a little giveaway. How FAB!


VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

WOW...they are fabulous. Can you just imagine the display you can make with them. I am sure you will do something wonderful...please share with us.

Cathleen alyce

Bristol said...

I love the pink pumpkin, perfect shade~

Denise Elizabeth said...

Wow I never knew! Very cool. Denise

Milady Productions said...

Do little white mice pop out of it on Halloween?! So cute!