Saturday, September 6, 2008

Feeling a little wilted today...

Dear blog ladies.. I just wrote a very long story to you wanting to share my devastating day but just erased my intire post.. It's too late to rewrite it maybe tomorrow but a quick blog vent... yesterday as I was coming out of a meeting downtown, I tripped on a bump in the side walk...I fell down landing on both hands ripped my knees up.. my skirt flew over my head exposing my big butt and my hand landed in dog poop.. Really It did... it was not a bed of roses.
OK and I had my court hearing yesterday... a few months ago I was getting into my car and was hit by a driver ( postal worker off duty) not watching were she was going.. to make a long story short I was cited and decided to fight it in court... It was very dis hearting for me to see how the system works here in Ocala... it's all about the $$$.. need I say more.. Good night..


Denise Elizabeth said...

Hello, wow what a story! I will pray for you! Blessings Denise

Andrea Singarella said...

You poor thing. I hope you are feeling better this week. Take good care of yourself, and we'll talk soon!

Jenny said...

aaaw, Bless you sweet Laura, I have just discovered your beautiful blog and when I started to read it I just want to jump on a plane and come visit your gorgeous shop (that chandelier with the daisy's on it out front has my name on it!!) but then I read this post and I just wanted to jump on a plane and come and visit you and give you a big hug instead!!! I am so sorry that you had such a terrible time and as a fellow "grown woman who fell down and exposed her giant (yes, mine is not just big but giant!)butt" I really feel your pain!(I did it at the movies in front of a whole cinema of people waiting to see Will Smith's butt not mine!!!) There is a certain feeling when we fall as an adult that takes us right back to the schoolyard I think - that embarrassment is so brutal - anyway, we all do it some time or another although the dog poo was a pretty spectacular finish to a rather plain "trip, fall, flash and die".... Ahh, you got to laugh at yourself sometimes don't you, and I always find that there is laughter after the tears which is very healing.

You take care Darling Laura and I will keep reading your blog coz I love it!!

Hugs from Perth in Western Australia!