Monday, August 4, 2008

A rose for you ladies today!!!

I found this photo today on line... I hope it is ok to post it... I loved it so much
Hi it's been a while.... I have been busy working in the shop and making goodies... And trying to get my home in order...Good News I am having a blog banner done sooo it's comming together... I guess I am a late bloomer...

All you gals who wish they had a store beleive me the on line boutique gives you more of a life... I feel like I live in the shop and have been neglecting my home and my children.... There is so much I want to do so many ideas.... its finally starting to happen... I am also working on a website....I found a very talanted and sweet lady for new designs... watch for all the goodies I will be selling on my blog durning my website being under construction. It will be very different .


Natasha Burns said...

Hi Laura,
Your roses are so lovely! Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with me and best of luck with your lovely blog!
Natasha : )

thevintagejournal said...

Very pretty photo. So much to do so little time. Hope your doing well I know your busy pulled in so many directions. Love to see photos of your shop! I'm adding you to both my blogs. Blessings Denise

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I saw this beauty featured at Miss Fifi's blog. It's nice to put together artist with the art. Rose's are my passion we have a garden of 150 at last count!

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hello Laura,
I have just happened upon your blog, so glad I did, your photos are a treat. Wish i could visit your lovely shop w/the jars of colorful soaps, mosaic artwork, even your "open" sign. Surely a shop I would walk through often. I am a "late blogger bloomer" too, I do not even have a decent "header" to speak of yet, keep thinking I will get time to figure out to make my own thru a google search, but still have not yet! Happy blogging and best wishes to you. Sorry for your experience w/all your time & effort w/that customer & your backsplash artwork, so SAD. Keep on creating! I will return..
blessings to you, Carol